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Paperbound To Receive Campaign Mode This Week In New Update

Dissident Logic has announced it is releasing a new update on for Paperbound this Wednesday, and it will bring along a new campaign mode that can be played solo or in two player co-op. The campaign will feature various challenges across the game’s 18 arenas, and there will also be two new campaign specific modes called Gatekeeper and Stalwart.

Gatekeeper is similar to a tower defence style where players have to stop the enemies from reaching the exit points. These exit points will appear at random locations within the arena. The second mode, Stalwart, is similar but before exiting an enemy must have killed the player at least once.

The other features of the update include:

New mutators allows you to mix it up with things like weapon pickups, infinite ink bombs, vampire mode, or a variety of other edits to give you a lot of new stories to tell.

Added a secret team game mode that Rocket League fans will enjoy

Improvements to AI navigation and behavior, including difficulty levels

Some visual changes to add clarity, such as larger glows for exit points and an option to decrease background color saturation (some players experienced a bit of difficulty tracking the fast-paced action, so this should help them out).

Mouse input support in the PC version (gamepad is still the best way to play, but we discovered that not everyone has one handy)

You can read our review of Paperbound here, with Blair giving it a score of 8/10.

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  1. Love this game a lot – very grateful for the extra stuff :)

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