Community Chronicle: 01/02/15

Of the many ways that American culture has filtered back across the ocean, today marks what’s coming to be one of my favourites, an all out, nonsensical sporting phenomenon which epitomises the excesses of the culture from which it was spawned. Tonight’s the Super Bowl.

Who will win, though? Will the Seattle Seahawks retain their crown or will the New England Patriots show that they can play just as well with fully inflated balls?

And if that’s not your scene, if you’re quick, you might just be able to catch the tail end of what’s shaping up to be a fantastic match of tennis to finish off the Australion Open. Murray and Djokovic are really battling away.


Midway through the week, Sony announced a major shakeup of how you can listen to music on your PlayStation 4. Put simply, Sony’s own Music Unlimited is being canned in March, with Spotify neatly filling the void left in its wake. While Spotify seems to be everywhere these days, this was a surprisingly contentious move in the comments.

“I much prefer Music Unlimited over Spotify,” wrote Kennykazey. “The user interface just works better for me, and it’s so well integrated into my Xperia phone.” To which DividSmythe added, “I’m a very disgruntled customer here too. I tried Spotify and don’t particularly like it.”

Root Ginger, meanwhile, thought it bodes well for the future, saying, “This seems a great idea to me and very un-Sony. Using a widely available and popular music streaming subscription service rather than a proprietary service that’s used by only a small amount of people and not widely available. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. ”

Of course, there are plenty of people who use Spotify regularly, as Pitcher-T wrote, “That’s the best news I’ve heard all day (slow day at work). My music runs pretty much entirely from Spotify, I don’t tend to buy/download music as everything comes from Spotify.” Sentiments echoed by the likes of gazzagb, Kevatron400, Rude Awakening and plenty more besides.

There was sad news for one of the former giants of the industry, as Sega announced that 300 employees would be nudged towards retiring as they restructure their business to focus on PC online gaming and mobile gaming. What this means isn’t entirely clear, but major cornerstone developers like Creative Assembly, who released Alien: Isolation last year and are best known for their Total War series, are likely to remain unaffected.

Either way, the reaction to the news was universal and hopeful that this was as drastic as it sounds. Andreww wrote, “Very much hope Creative Assembly will be doing another Alien game, they did a fantastic job there,” while Kennykazey added, “This is terrible news! The final nail in the coffin for another Jet Set Radio.”

As bemoaned the potential death of their favourite franchises, Apnomis wrote:

What a shame that a once great powerhouse of gaming as been reduced to a bit part player in the freemium gaming market. It’s quite sad to see their slow and steady decline into obscurity.

Just goes to show, no matter how big of a juggernaut you think a brand is nothing lasts forever and it only takes a few wrong moves to unravel it all…

Similarly, beeje13 opined, “Seems silly throwing most of their eggs into mobile, where a hit game is not guaranteed by any means.”

Unfortunately, the future still isn’t all that clear as to where Sega are truly heading. We’ll just have to wait and see how things unfold.

Finally, with Sony trademarking “Resistance” once more, the comments section turned to guessing what it was exactly they have up their sleeves.

The most obvious guess would be along the lines of TSBonyman’s thinking, as he said, “I’m betting on a HD remaster of the first game, my personal favourite of the series.” But from here it gets a little more outlandish.

Double-o-dave guessed:

Maybe it’s a spin-off from the ‘Allo Allo’ series and will based on René’s secret missions when he was forced to join the Resistance… Although that is a bit of a long shot.

Either that or a game based in the 80s about a group of teenage lads trying to resist opening the Sun newspaper on page 3 revealing Sam Fox.

Simplebob, meanwhile, speculated that “It’s nothing to do with the chimera, but rather a top down isometric pixel style management RPG for mobile platforms detailing Sony’s efforts to convince developers to come up with AAA games for the Vita…”

But I personally think that lambchop is onto something, when he hypothesised it to be “Knack II: Resistance”.

What do you think is going on?


It’s a week for the big milestones in this segment, which started off with Youles clipping past the 5000 trophy mark by reaching level 50 in Red Dead Redemption to grab what sounds like it’s been quite a slog to attain.

B_Cambo nabbed the Dragon Age: Inquisition platinum record and the platinum for inFamous First Light, while Avenger dug out his copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts to polish off that plat, as well.

R1MJAW, on the other hand, took the platinum record for Teslagrad on PS4 (a quite lovely game, I might add) which saw him reach the 125 platinums mark with his first platinum of the year.

His milestone, however, is completely overshadowed by Crazy_Del‘s (who else?), who hit 250 platinums this week thanks to finishing off Hitman Contracts and Metro 2033 Redux. A hearty congratulations, Del, though I’m sure you’re already eyeing up your 300th!

The last time the yearly leaderboard came around, we announced the overall winner of 2014, with Avengerrr coming out on top. A inferior race is back though, with a new beginning for 2015. Head over to page 2 to see what’s what and how you can be counted.

Aside from that, I leave you on this page with the usual submission form.

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  1. Are the PSN trophy card thingies updating automatically now then? I haven’t logged in and updated mine since the new year but you’ve got my current score spot on :-)

    • I’ve changed the way that I search now as there is a point on the US site that allows you to look at other people’s trophies rather than their trophycard.

      • Ah cool, at least that makes for a more consistent board… I was constantly forgetting to update my card in time

  2. I didn’t realise the super bowl was on, maybe that explains why there’s quite a few guys that have booked tomorrow off work.

    Also, I think Double-o-dave should pitch his ‘Allo ‘Allo concept on Kickstarter, I can see it taking off!

  3. There’s probably a Resistance Remastered Collection inbound, but I hope for a new game as well. The setting is too good not to get a current gen imagining.

    • now that would be a good series to remaster..
      i loved the originals and the wasn’t the multiplayer 64 player?
      a remarkable achievement considering call of duty goes to piss with just 8 players.

  4. Jeez, I need to score a plat soon. Stagnant!!

  5. Cheers for the mention and decided to treat myself Resident Evil HD thanks to my wife :) plus she was playing RE PS1 game on PS3 and saw the difference and told me to get it on PS4 xD

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