Sony Announces Spotify Partnership, Play Music Whilst Gaming On PS4

Sony have announced PlayStation Music and has signed up internet giant Spotify as the exclusive partner.

The service will launch in 41 territories and will allow you to link your PlayStation account with your Spotify account. You will also be able to use Spotify while playing games on PS4, enabling you to create custom soundtracks.


Before the launch of the new service the existing Music Unlimited subscription service will close on 29th March 2015. Sony say that “nearly all of these countries” will be included in the 41 markets where PlayStation Music will be available at launch, including the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

The new service will launch initially on PS4 and PS3, as well as Xperia smartphones and tablets, presumably a PlayStation Vita app will follow in due course. Sony also tease that “other great features will be available exclusively through Spotify on PlayStation Music.”

I think I’ve used Spotify about twice in my life, but that’s because I have such a large personal collection of music from Djing for years, but I may sign up now the service on PlayStation, will you be using it?

Source: EU Blog



  1. That’s why they’ve never let you copy your own cd’s or mp3’s like on the PS3 then. Now Microsoft just need to allow cd/mp3 copying to trump them.

  2. Bastards! I much prefer Music Unlimited over Spotify, the user interface just works better for me, and it’s so well integrated into my Xperia phone.

    • I’m raspy disgruntled customer here too. I tried Spotify and don’t particularly like it.

      I guess it makes getting my next phone upgrade a bit easier though as I’ve only having xperias partially due to how good MU was on them. :(

  3. Meh. Quite enjoying using the mp3 playback off memory stick since the 2.0 firmware update.

  4. This seems a great idea to me and very un-Sony. Using a widely available and popular music streaming subscription service rather than a proprietary service that’s used by only a small amount of people and not widely available. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. I’d like them to continue to use other widely available products where they’re available and concentrate on the things they are good at, games, hardware and innovation.

  5. Awesome, I use Spotify everyday, it’s brilliant. Any word on if you can link your Spotify Premium account or will it use separate accounts?

    • Someone asked that on the PS blog, and got an answer. Yes, you can use your existing Spotify Premium account. (Handy, since Vodafone gave me 2 years of free Spotify with my last phone upgrade)

      And you can also use the free version where you get an advert after every other song. (It may not be quite that often, but it’s enough to get really annoying and put you off the free version. Which I guess is the point)

      • It varies, but can be around 5 songs for a 15-20 second advert.

      • Perfect, thanks!

  6. That’s the best news I’ve heard all day (slow day at work). My music runs pretty much entirely from Spotify, I don’t tend to buy/download music as everything comes from Spotify.

    As people have said above, this is very un-Sony, I would’ve thought they’d push their MU service more. Maybe it didn’t do as well limiting PS4 users solely to MU.

  7. Awesome news! I use Spotify daily so pretty happy about this

  8. Yes! This feels like a much ‘neater’ solution to having your own music. Hopefully It will allow FREE(as in ad-supported) full unlimited streaming of whatever you want, like on desktop or tablet, rather than the ‘shuffle play’ on mobile.

    It’s actually quite a massive coup if it’s only on PS, Spotify is to Music what Netflix is to TV/Films.

    • A reply on the blog indicates that the ad-supported, free option will work although to what extent we’ll have to wait and see.

      One of the first things i did with the PS4 browser was to try Grooveshark and Spotify etc and i was disappointed that they didn’t work – even after the MP3 playback update. But i guess this is a step in the right direction.

  9. This is pretty good news. I have been using MU since I got the ps4 as it is cheapor for me to subscribe rather than buying cd’s, but what I have noticed is that you cant find some artist’s on MU while on Spotify I can find anything I’m looking for.

    How much is the premium version of spotify?

    • Just last week they finished with an offer of £1 for 3 months… Its £10/month normally.

      • Or it’s a fiver a month if you’re a student/have access to a email address, but even at a tenner I think it’s great value if you love music.

      • Do you mean £10 for 3 months. Otherwise I got severely ripped off.

  10. That’s awesome news. I don’t really own much media at all so services like Netflix and Spotify tend to be how I consume. Pleased with this.

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