PlayStation Plus Subscribers Can Get 10% Off Their Spotify Subscriptions

A new offer from Sony gives PlayStation Plus subscribers a 10% discount on their Spotify subscription if they sign up to the service before 10th October 2018. The discount will apply for as long as you are subscribed taking £1 a month off the standard subscription charge of £9.99.

To access the offer:

  • Download Spotify to your PS4 – You’ll find it on PlayStation Store, under the PlayStation Music tab.
  • Sign up to Spotify Premium – You’ll need to add your billing details via the PS4 app, where your 10% discount will be applied each month.

The offer is open to both new and existing users of Spotify, you just need to log in to the PlayStation 4 app and enter your details. The offer seems to be valid in the UK and North America but may not be available in every country, check out the terms and conditions for more information.

Source: PS Store

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  1. Sweet deal.

    • Not really, parasitical whining self entitled students get 50% off for some reason, and are being subsidised by everyone else.

      Until Spotify start charging the same price across the board regardless of who you are, then they can sod off.

      What next? Discount for gays, full price for hetro? Equallity works all ways……

      • Could it be that students live on fuck all cash and that games are something that helps many to deal with the stress? And how is it subsidised by everyone else? All you are doing is paying Sony. Sony are taking the 50% hit, not you. Same with spotify. Spotify is a music service, what do students love to do? Listen to musicw hen they are woring on assignments. “Parasticial”. Erm…. last time i checked, most students are working damn hard to get a degree in their chosen field and pay a ton of tax over their lifetime.

        And discounts for gays, full…. what a…. how? What is your point? taht students get the discount thus LGBT folks are next whilst str….

        Just no.

      • What part of entitlement did you not understand? Nobody forces you to go to university, it’s a choice, so don’t give us this hard time, broke student with huge amounts of stress. Plenty of people are hard up for cash candidate have stress, do they get Spotify discount? Nope. Youbskdo seem to think only students love listening to music, yep another stereotype there.

        Of course everyone paying full price is subsidising student 50% discount, I hope you aren’t studying economics…. I will explain it in simpleton terms, let’s assume 50% userbase are on the 50% discount, the other half paying full price, the revenue would be the same if everyone paid £7.50.

        We don’t know the specifics of the Sony deal, if Sony are paying the shortfall, or if Spotify are absorbing it, in the hope of driving signups, likely the latter

  2. Does this apply to the £15 family subscription? Ts&Cs don’t mention it…

    • Doesn’t say anything about the student on either.

  3. Nice! Can’t find any option in the PS4 app to apply the offer to my existing sub though. I’ve logged out and logged back in, let them link my PSN and Spotify accounts, nada. Anyone managed it? I should probably just google it…

    • That’s an awful lot of effort to save £1!

      • £1 every month! Over the year that is a free month if on the standard sub!

    • I’m all about a bit of effort for saving some spondoolies. Little bit confuddled myself about how existing Spotify users can get the discount n not seen it clear anywhere else. Maybe cancel sub in the usual manner then re-sign up with same user details via the ps app? If anyone finds out please post as 100 of the Queens new pence is still worth saving in my book!

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