Video: Heists, Fast Cars And Reliving Hardline’s “Battlefield Moments”

Battlefield Hardline’s second beta kicks off tomorrow, with Visceral Games’ trying to really shake things up with a cops and robbers themed entry in the popular FPS series. You’ll obviously be able to go hands on for yourselves over the coming days, but we went hands on ahead of time and have brought you a video looking at what the beta has to offer and where the game as a whole is heading. There’s also a written preview, if you don’t like moving pictures.

It should be noted that while we were playing on PC, with capture and our video uploaded at 60 frames per second, the game’s settings were mysteriously set to “Medium” but should have been set higher, and I didn’t catch this until towards the end of the event. In other words, things might look a little rougher than they otherwise would.


Oh and for the sentimental amongst you, this chat is also one of the last things that Peter did for the site before leaving at the end of last week.



  1. I had no idea Peter was leaving!

    Was that announced & I missed it??

  2. “There’s also a written preview, if you don’t like moving pictures.”

    I’m quite the opposite, which is perhaps the reason I enjoy these videos so much. Hopefully TSA can do more of them in the future, albeit with someone other than Peter asking the questions (will it ever be the same???).

    I look forward to the Beta tomorrow. It’s listed on the PSN web store at the moment, so I guess we PS3/PS4 guys will get it tomorrow without having to wait for the usual store update.

  3. I love BF4 but just can’t get excited about Hardline. The game modes just don’t appear to hang together as well as BF4.

    • Well, at least give the beta a fling!

      I will admit, even though I’m hyped up for it, I’m having a bit of a job to get most of my mates to feel the same.

  4. It looks really good, I’m genuinely surprised. Thanks for this video guys, and the written article. Between them I’m sold!

  5. Love Battlefield I just hope once the game releases it’s not riddled with bugs like Battlefield 4.

    Still wish EA would give me Bad Company 3

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