Choose Your Allegiance As Mortal Kombat X Introduces Factions

NetherRealm has announced a new feature for Mortal Kombat X called Factions. Every player that picks up MKX and decides to go online can choose one of five factions to represent, with all of their in game actions having an affect on their faction. These factions are Special Forces, Lin Kuei, Black Dragon, Brotherhood Of Shadow, and White Lotus.


Each week a Faction War begins and every win or loss affects the standing of each group in the rankings. Player’s actions in the story mode, the challenge towers, and online fights will count towards the point total of each group. You can rank up within your faction and in doing so unlock faction specific awards.

Factions could add a whole new angle to the multiplayer, and it will be interesting to see it in action. To me it feels a kind of similar to NBA 2K15’s MyPark mode where players have to choose a group to represent, where rankings are also reliant on wins and losses.

Source: Youtube