What We Played #189: Dying Light, Saints Row, Resident Evil

Welcome back for another month of glorious gaming chatter here at TSA, and since this is the first ‘what we played’ of February, we thought we’d do something a little different this time around. Instead of the normal format, we were thinking we’d just tell you about the video games we’ve played over the past week. We hope you don’t mind such a dramatic shift in presentation for this piece.

We’ll start off this week with teflon’s inability to play a game he intended to try multiple times this week, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. He even had a couple of co-op buddies lined up in Youles and Bunimomike, but it looks like their cooperative raiding of tombs will have to wait until Monday. Teflon did manage to find time for a bit of Dying Light this week, as well as (wait for it)… Destiny.

Dom keeps us going next with a bit of handheld gaming that wasn’t really handheld gaming at all, thanks to the wonderment that is the PlayStation TV. He has quite enjoyed playing Vita games such as Freedom Wars on a bigger screen, and being able to play them with a controller has also been a big plus for him. Dom also spent some time with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for review, and he’s still trying to finish Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, noting that side missions continue to distract him from his primary objectives.


Jim isn’t the biggest fan of racing games (sim racers in particular) but you wouldn’t know that by looking at what he played this week. He started with Mario Kart 8, racing against his housemates for bragging rights, but he soon moved on to Driveclub, a game that’s close enough to an arcade-style racer to keep him interested. After that he rounded out his week with Dying Light, and he had some specific thoughts to share.

Having played Techland’s Dead Island when it launched back in 2011, their latest title felt instantly familiar. However, the more I have played, the more Dying Light has distanced itself from its predecessor. This separation is manifested mainly within its navigation parkour mechanics. For those wondering, the game’s free-running doesn’t quite mimic that seen in DICE’s Mirror’s Edge. Instead, it feels like a first person Uncharted or Assassin’s Creed, giving players a versatile and quick way to travel through the city of Harran. I won’t go into that much more detail now, check out tomorrow’s review!

Speaking of Dying Light, Tuffcub also spent some time with it and particularly enjoyed the co-op. He also noted that a few of the scarier moments in the game had him looking for a new pair of pants. On the handheld side, he played a bit more Baboon and threw in some Kick and Fennick for good measure, the latter of which he said was “extremely charming and lovely.”

Aran is up next and finished Saints Row IV Re-elected to start the week, an entry into the franchise that he says is the best one yet. He’s also been playing the Escapist for review, and a bit of Far Cry 4 as well, which might explain his sudden infatuation with elephants and prison-escape schemes.

Blair brings us down the home stretch this week and although he hasn’t had as much time to play games as he’d like, he did get to finish Majora’s Mask 3D and chime in a few details for those that missed his review.

It’s a remake done right, with lots of changes to modernise the game, but this may have a lot of diehard fans yearning for the more hardcore gameplay of the original. If only they had included a hard mode…

As for me, I didn’t have a chance to play anything for the final few days of the week but the beginning of the week did see me starting and finishing the flashy Resident Evil remaster that just released. I remember playing a metric ton of that game back in the 90’s but after beating it a few days ago, I’m not certain I ever actually saw the credits roll on the original PlayStation. The final area I explored with Chris and the final battle of the game didn’t look even remotely familiar to me, yet I remembered almost exactly where everything was when playing through the mansion.

So that’ll about do it for us this week. Since we did something so drastically different than normal with this article this week, we thought maybe you’d want to do something a little different too and head to the comments and let us know what you’ve been playing. I know, that’s not how this normally works but we think it might just work out and we’d love to know what you’ve been up to.



  1. Most of my gaming time this week has been spent playing the BF Hardline beta. I had my reservations going in as it just looked like a BF4 re-skin, but there is actually a fun game here. “Hotwire” is a really enjoyable mode and has already made for some classic “Only in Battlefield” moments. Fingers crossed the full game works on launch day!

  2. Had an hour or so on Battlefield beta – not my type of game and really didn’t like it so deleted. A couple of goes on Apotheon and Transistor – neither have grabbed me immediately but will persevere. Pumped a shed load more hours into Dragon Age which has remained consistently fantastic.

  3. Week #3 playing Dragon Age, 50 hours in. First playthrough and it is still going strong.

  4. Just resident evil for me, on my 6th Playthrough and this time knife only! xD

    • If you can complete resi playing knife only than i am seriously impressed, how is that even possible? Gl( not doubting you though, you’re a bloody machine!)

  5. Tried the BF Hardline Beta – Didn’t enjoy it, looks like I’ll be sticking to BF4 for another year or 2.

    Played Apothem – Deleted it.

    Played Rogue Legacy – Deleted it.
    Why I would want to play a similar game to games I was playing whilst at school about 25 years ago is beyond me. Especially when I wishing they were more like the modern games we have now. What a load of dogsh*t. lol

    Played Transistor – Deleted it.
    I may be being a bit harsh with this as I didn’t know what was going on and lost my patience after playing the other 2 monstrosities.

    Then the usual… BF4 and Driveclub.

    • I don’t really like the look of the plus games this month & think I would just end up doing the same as you once I had tried them, so I think I’ll save my bandwidth & just continue to stick to playing Destiny.

      & maybe the crew if it now works again. I had an unfortunate glitch happen to me that corrupted my save (apparently) & as everything is contained on Ubi’s servers, I had to go through their support to attempt to get it working again. Seems to work now, but I haven’t actually gone any further than checking I could get past the main menu (but that itself is an improvement as I couldn’t even get into the game before)!

      • Yep, waste of bandwidth if you ask me.

    • Give Transistor a second chance, if you think you were losing your patience after playing the others.

      • I might venture back into it then as I did like the whole vibe / atmosphere of the game.

  6. That Teflon, and his inability to install games that he’s arranged to play!

    So I instead have been playing TLOU Grounded mode on PS3, man it’s frustrating at times. So annoying you have to clear an area sometimes to progress, rather than just sneak by.

    Battlefield Hardline beta – enjoyed it, quite addictive, but think I’d prefer the usual BF style (rather that Cops n Robbers) if I was going to buy it.

  7. Played through, and 100%’d, Never Alone. Started off as a charming little game, ended up as an infurriating mess. Waste of money, even in the sale!

  8. Surprisingly had a decent amount of game time this week as normally my console is just used for Netflix as i am to tired to play 2 young kids will do that to you so here goes

    Dying Light- great fun especially when it’s night time the story is pretty boring but it’s still a great game and looks beautiful at times, co-op is pretty decent to.

    BF:Hardline Beta-Brilliant really am loving it had more fun in this beta than I did in that bugfest BF4 I am loving ‘Hotwire’ had some cracking games only issue is it’s pretty easy to level up and get money.

    Wolf Among Us-Brilliant nothing more nothing less a must have game for me.

  9. Other than a quick go on the hardline beta which seemed fun enough I’ve just been on Uncharted 3 and DriveClub. One day I’ll get the hang of drifting and get that third star in those events… otherwise the pro trophy seems to be a big jump in difficulty and AI aggressiveness :/

  10. I’ve played Rogue legacy, Assassins creed unity, a bit of FIFA 15 and Apotheon. Apotheon kind of inspired me to want to play God of was again. So I started planning GoW:A thinking it will be a good entertaining easy platinum, I was wrong. I just reminded how much I hate Satyrs in it. So if your reading this and your a Satyr go shove it where the sun don’t shine. I shall persist though.

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