DmC: Definitive Edition’s Vergil Bloody Palace Mode Gets A Trailer

Ninja Theory has released a trailer for Vergil’s Bloody Palace mode which is going to be a part of DmC: Definitive Edition. The mode is similar to Dante’s Bloody Palace but a few changes have been put in place across the 60 levels, including how difficulty scales up. In Vergil’s edition the levels have been split into three difficulties, with the first 20 set to Nephilim, the second set of 20 set to Son of Sparda, while the final third has to be completed on Vergil Must Die difficulty.


As the trailer shows the way you dispatch enemies counts toward your score, with the more stylish routines netting the better results. Of course Vergil’s Bloody Palace isn’t the only thing coming to the this updated version of DmC, with all the DLC being part of the package, as well as new leaderboards and updated trophies. DmC: Definitive Edition is set to release on March 17th for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: PS Blog