Check Out DmC’s Turbo Mode In This Comparison Video

Capcom have released a video for DmC: Definitive Edition which shows a a side-by-side comparison of the game’s original speed versus the newly added Turbo Mode, which increases the gameplay by 20%.


They have also provided the following notes so you can see exactly where the extra speed comes in to play.

0:09-0:21 – Dante races himself. Though it looks neck-and-neck for a brief moment, Turbo Dante quickly surpasses Non-Turbo. Note the differing fall rates.

0:22-0:38 – Hollow Vergil’s summoned swords sequence is essentially a choreographed evasion challenge, but note the differing rate of the sword animations. These sequences start on the exact same frame.

00:38-00:51 – A practical in-game comparison. Dante performs the same combo, starting on the same frame, but finishes several beats ahead in Turbo Mode.

00:54-3:26 – Side-by-side speed comparisons of individual moves for Dante and Vergil. All moves begin on the same frame of animation.

Make sure you are playing the video in 60fps mode for the best comparison.

Source: Capcom Unity