Watch Us Play Evolve

Thanks to those that tuned in to watch us play, we worked our way through characters and game modes, including running a full Evacuation campaign, the result of which I’ll not spoil. Let’s just say that the human player that was controlling the monster was pretty good…

If you missed us when we were live, scroll down a little and you can watch the archived video, and if you’re after a review of the game before making up your mind, stay tuned over the next few days.

Reading every comments section about Evolve throws up some interesting thoughts on the game. Some have tried it during the alpha and beta tests and not been sold by what they saw, others have been put off by DLC, and then there are those who are still intrigued by the unique asymmetrical multiplayer.


What we hope to show off in the stream tonight is the game at its best, as four of us head into the arena to do battle with the monsters that are forcing humanity to evacuate the planet Shear. We’ll be trying to work together as a team, chatting about the game as we track down the monster and try to kill it, lest we become the pray in this deadly fight for survival. Even playing at your best, winning is far from a certainty…

So join us below or head over to our Twitch channel itself and say hello, as we start streaming around 5PM.