Housemarque & Eugene Jarvis Announce Partnership For New Game

Housemarque has confirmed that it is teaming up with Eugene Jarvis, who can be credited with titles like Defender, Robotron, and Smash TV, for a new game. The announcement was made earlier today at a talk in Helsinki, though details on what the new project is were not given. It will be a mix of old school arcade action combined with the design style of Housemarque.


We won’t get a lot of information on this new game for at least a few months as development gets underway, but it will be something to watch out for as Housemarque moves on from Resogun. Then again this could be the beginning of Resogun 2, though that is purely speculation on my part.

Source: Email/Youtube



  1. Woah! :o

  2. Incredible, the father of twin stick shooters.. Just wow.. Teaming up with the bloodhouse boys. Now all we need is for these two to hook up with the original team 17 lads, and the good old Amiga gaming days are back… On Sony hardware. Thats about as exciting as it gets.

  3. Should be interesting, especially if it’s a mix of an old school shooter and Resogun.

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