New Mortal Kombat X Video Shows Kitana Versus Reptile

On their latest Mortal Kombat X livestream, NetherRealm Studios shared a few matches of new kombatants Reptile and Kitana trading blows.


With this footage, we got an extended look at the way the two characters handle in battle, along with their moveset differences and some interesting combos. Most notably, we got a look at Reptile’s first full fatality, which is gross, but could definitely be a lot worse. You can catch it at the 3:28 mark in the video above.

PETA has yet to make a statement concerning the footage of a ninja warrior cracking a reptile skull open, but we’ll late you know if and when they release an official statement before the game’s release on April 14.

Source: GamesHQMedia



  1. Looks so good. The penny pincher in me says “wait for the Komplete edition next year” but I miss MK.

    • I’m in the exact same boat. I know that they’ll release a full version by the end of the year, but MK9 is one of my favorite fighting games, so i really can’t wait any longer for this than I already have, haha.

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