Until Dawn Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Roses In a New Trailer

A new trailer for Until Dawn has been released and, as it is Valentine’s Day tomorrow, features the four couples from the game holding hands, smooching and being chased by terrifying clowns. After all, nothing says “I love you” more than a meat cleaver in the unmentionables.

The relationship between the couples is not predefined and can be altered during the game, “your choices will decide if the relationship either blossoms or wilts before the night is out,” explains the PlayStation Blog. Your actions may also come back to haunt you as if you are mean to someone early in the game they may not choose to save you when you are about to be minced by a chainsaw wielding Yeti.

Until Dawn is scheduled for release this summer, when it’s all hot and sunny and not at all snowy.

Source PlayStation Blog


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  1. Doubt it will sell but personally I really like the look of it. Envious its not a multi-format game.

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