Marion Cotillard Cast For The Assassin’s Creed Movie

The Assassin’s Creed movie adaptation will now include Marion Cotillard, who you may know from the likes of  Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises & Inception as well as Contagion or Rust & Bone. She will be joining Michael Fassbender but it is unknown in what role she will play, and whether she will be an ally to his character or a villain. In fact the very plot of the Assassin’s Creed movie hasn’t really been spoken about, and IMDb only has one sentence in the synopsis.

A convicted felon is recruited by a company called “Abstergo” to explore the mind of his ancestor in order to recover a sacred artifact.

That artifact is likely an Apple Of Eden but outside of that we don’t know which time period the movie will take place in. It could be during Altair’s time or Ezio, or introduce a whole new character into the mix. The film is still in pre-production with filming to begin later this year. Assassin’s Creed is then expected to release in cinemas during December 2016.

Source: Deadline


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  1. Well that’s good news in the sense that the film looks to be happening. I think Marion plays a good ‘baddie’, although she usually plays complicated characters who is neither black or white in the moral sense.

    Her strong french accent is food for thought…

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