The Assassin’s Creed Movie Trailer Is Here

After a rather long wait, including a couple of delays for the perfect Ubisoft experience, the Assassin’s Creed movie will be hitting the big screen this winter. The first trailer has been released and it looks, well, very Assassin’s Creed. It also suffers from the plague that blights many action movies, the orange & teal effect. This is the most orange & teal-est of movies I have seen for quite a while, Fassbender is practically purple in the teal Abstergo scenes whilst the Assassin-y bits are sandy orange, and these appear to be the only two colour palettes in the movie.

WARNING: This trailer includes Kanye West being a narcissistic twerp.


Also they’ve done some weird colouring on the logo (check in the image on the front of TSA) so it looks like it reads ‘Assassin’s Greep’.

Source: YouTube

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  1. This looks pretty awesome like a prince of persia meets the matrix.
    Hopefully a decent game to movie for once.

  2. Well my hopes of a good movie game tie in have died today.

    • Also, is this involved in the Marvel Universe because there’s a definite Vision feel about Fassbender at times. He’s bloody purple at 1:35.

  3. It looks very….floaty.

  4. Fetch the comfy chair!

  5. Can we just assume it’ll be shit and never mention again? Or do we have to wait until the 12th of whatever month is the 21st month of the year? (Although they might be using the incorrect US date format there. Maybe we can all avoid seeing it due to lousy Smarch weather)

    It really does look terrible from that trailer. Someone gave someone a list of things that are in AC games, a reasonable sized bag of money, and a button that makes everything turn orange and teal. Anything else that makes a good film is optional, and I bet they didn’t bother with those options.

  6. It all looks a bit ehhh… But I’ll probably give it a watch.

    Agreed on the cyan and orangey-ness of it all. Did they leave the colour-correction to an intern? No, wait. An intern would probably know that Assassins Creed is focused on white with red cues.

  7. Didn’t look too bad… I don’t think I’d go to the cinema for it though.

  8. It doesn’t look terrible, hopefully the pop music is just for the trailer.

  9. A bit of yeezus to compliment the trailer, such a good choice who ever made that choice

  10. Macbeth was surprisingly my film of 2015 so confidence is high for this. Trailer hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm, although not sure about the music. Wouldn’t put me off seeing this though.

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