Sequel To The Assassin’s Creed Movie Already In The Works, Thief Movie Back On

Movie website The Tracking Board is reporting that the New Regency movie based on Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise will get a sequel, even though the first film isn’t out until the end of the year.

The sequel sees familiar names from the yet-to-be-released title’s production team, with Jean-Julien Baronnet producing for Ubisoft Motion Pictures, Frank Marshall producing through his Kennedy-Marshall Company, while Fassbender and Conor McCaughan will produce through their DMC Films shingle. Matt Phelps will oversee for Ubisoft, while Pam Abdy will oversee for New Regency.

The Assassin’s Creed movie is, along with Warcraft, are the movies that hope to break the curse of videogame-to-movie adaptation. That curse being that they are almost universally rubbish.


The first movie will follow the tale of 15th century Assassin Aguilar and his  modern-day descendant Callum Lynch. The Fass is said to be on board for the sequel and Michael Kenneth Williams will be introduced in the first movie and is said to team up with Fassbender for the second movie.

Also in the works is a movie based on the Thief franchise. You may remember from my big round up of videogame-to-movies that the company behind the recent Hitman movie had announced a Thief movie a year ago, and now after a period of silence that is progressing and will be developed by Los Angeles-based production company Straight Up Films.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter / The Tracking Board



  1. No.




    You do not announce a sequel when we virtually have no information about the current fecking film! Then again, it is an Assassain’s Creed product so i won’t be surprised if we have 20 films with in the next 4 years.

    And no. I deny the concept of the people being behind Agent 47 doing a thief movie. They fecked up Hitman(twice) and no doubt, Thief will be nothing like the games. Seriously, how can you turn a game about a hitman into an action flick when the game is known for being applauded for it’s stealth? HOW!? It’s not hard to do it. Just make it about a single target, pad it out and have 47 do stuff that shows off his abilities. Not ACTION! ACTION! ACTION!

    What? It’s a monday and i have the right to be grumpy.

  2. Thanks to the frustratingly useless map in Thief i never really progressed far enough to get a proper handle on the story, so a movie might make up for that. Having heard so much talk about the earlier games i found it a bit clunky and underwhelming so hopefully the movie means that they are also going to take another crack at making a Thief game.

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