Sony’s Superhero TV Series Powers Is Coming To PAL Regions “Soon”

Welcome to today’s bloody useless news which isn’t news at all, and I’m only posting it because there is a nice behinds the scenes video.

“Superhero TV series Powers is coming soon to the PAL region,” trumpets the EU PlayStation blog. Huzzah we all cry, we can’t wait for some superhero action, tell us when Sony, when?


“Today, we’re happy to confirm that the show – which stars the likes of Sharlto Copley, Eddie Izzard and Noah Taylor – will be coming to the PAL region in 2015.”

Right. 2015. Don’t want to narrow it down any further? I mean, you own the show, it’s a digital release, there is nothing from stopping you releasing it worldwide simultaneously, it’s on your own worldwide network, the show was specifically made for it.

“Look out for more news soon as launch approaches.”

Great. Thanks. Here’s the video with Sharlto Copley doing a great impression of David Tennant.

Source: EU Blog



  1. He does have a bit of a David Tennant look to him. He also seems to have a weird accent. Is that normal for him? And that very South African accent people have moaned about in a couple of films isn’t his normal accent?

  2. “soon”?
    yeah, i know what their idea of “soon” means when it comes to Europe.

    hopefully they won’t be total dicks and people outside the us, namely me, will be able to watch the first episode when it releases on the us store, considering the first ep will be free for everybody.
    but i would not be surprised if they do block it.

  3. Do we have any info on if this will be free, with ps plus, or at cost?

  4. I wonder if Sony will bring this to Ireland? Actually what am I thinking, they haven’t even brought their video store to Ireland!

    • don’t worry about that, you wouldn’t use it if they had. NETFLIX FTW!

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