Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance’s New Trailer Show Glimpses Of Gameplay

A new trailer for Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance has been released showing off someone of the tactical gameplay, and the characters players will face in battle. As expected from a Disgaea title the battle arena is viewed from above, and characters are dotted around the board. It requires players to think of strategies when facing foes.


The trailer also confirms that Disgaea 5 will be PS4 exclusive, so Vita fans may be out of luck. There is no confirmed release date for the game, but it is expected to release in the autumn.

Source: Youtube



  1. Booo, perfect sort of game for the Vita too. Oh well.

    • if you read up on disgaea 5 you will find it was originally for ps3 and ps4 but changed to ps4 only due to new things like a maximum of 100 enemies on screen instead of the ps3 restriction of 30, the new features that are apparently only possible on ps4 put in doubt the handheld re-release that normally happens roughly a few years later

      • I didn’t know about that, thanks for the info.

  2. i got the tgs demo a while ago by setting up a japanese account using the 14 day free trial for ps plus due to it being a ps plus exclusive demo, loved some of the new things in the for the game

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