What We Played #191: The Order, Destiny, Apotheon

As we make our way through the shortest month of the year, we again find ourselves tasked with talking about the games we’ve been playing over the past week. And what a horrible task it is, chatting about the hobby we love so much and sharing it with others that have the same interest as us. Just awful.

We start this week with Tuffcub, who has been nursing an illness for the majority of the past seven days, but that didn’t stop him from playing some Destiny with a few friends of the site. He had been grinding it out for a higher level helmet and chest piece and just as he was about to give up on them, the game dropped both of them in a span of only 20 minutes. This inspired TC to keep pushing forward in an effort to rank up his new gear and reach level 32, the current level cap in Destiny.

Next up we have Blair, who claims that The Order: 1886 “stole” his entire week. Yes, what a shame for a video game to come in and be compelling enough to get you to consistently play it. Anyway, his review went up on the site yesterday but in case you just want the high points, he enjoyed the combat, the visuals, and the setting, but wasn’t thrilled with where the story went later in the game, and gave it a solid 7 out of 10 score.


Aran followed with a truckload of Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 for the review he published earlier in the week, but he also logged some time with Apotheon, which wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

I also went back to Apotheon and I got in a fight with Ares. In the words of Hulk he was a puny god. Now trying to beat Athena by going through a maze which doesn’t feel very well designed to be honest. Weakest point of the game so far.

Then there’s Stefan, who started off his e-mail to me with a lie about not playing very much Destiny this week, so quite frankly I don’t think anything he said after that can be trusted. He claims to have played a bit of FIFA Pro Clubs with friends, and then “Lara Croft and her Wotsit of Osiris” with Bunimomike and Youles, but again, he’s proven himself less than trustworthy so he’s probably been playing something entirely different and thinks he’s too good for the rest of us and won’t share the real story. Jerk.

Dom takes us down the final stretch this week with another comical failure regarding his completion of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. He didn’t even try this week.

I’ve not remotely finished Black Flag, but then I haven’t played it this week! It’s like a glorious gust of sea air not to have played it so refreshing it is. And I’ve been having no ill distemper from not spending time in its welcoming bosom. Yar!

I guess we can forgive him since most of his time has gone toward writing for the site. First he finished and reviewed Monster Hunter IV Ultimate, then he played and reviewed Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy Plus (I had to take a small break after typing that ridiculous title), followed by the demo for Screamride for a preview piece. He also threw in some Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, and mentioned that he’s absolutely loving his new Nintendo 3DS.

That just leaves me, and I only found time to dabble in a bit of Super Stardust Ultra, and Alien: Isolation this week. I understand why most people are so down on Stardust Ultra, but as someone who doesn’t own a PS3 anymore, I’m thrilled to be able to play it again. As far as Isolation goes, that jerk face of an alien continues to get the best of me, and I’m getting a little tired of hiding in lockers like a wuss while waiting for it to leave. Maybe it’s just the American in me, but I really wish they’d just give me a big gun capable of killing it so I could be done with it.

So, since we took the time to tell you what we’ve been playing, how about you return the favor and head to the comments to brag about your gaming tales?



  1. FIFA 15 Pro Clubs last night (TSA B Team), with no less than 4 other TSAers – wick, teflon, commissar_dave and LegendishThingy. My best contribution to date – got someone set off and scored a last minute headed to win a game.

    Also played some Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris with teflon and bunimomike which was nice.

    And some TLOU multiplayer (PS4) with threelions & AddictedAndy.

    Black Ops 1 with cam_manutd and Crazy_Del. It didn’t go well, I’m pretty rusty at zombies to say the least.

    That’s right, I name-dropped 9 TSAers I’ve played games with this week.

    The PS3 also got some love with TLOU Grounded mode – I just need to do the final hospital section for 100% trophies.

    A few more episodes of The Walking Dead season 2 on Vita.

    Finally, I also played some LEGO Marvel Superheroes and Skylanders Swap Force with my eldest son Felix.

    • I hereby corroborate Tef’s story….although suspect the Destiny one is most definitely a lie. The scumbag.

      • Actually – I can back up Tef on his claim. Haven’t seen him on Destiny practically all week (maybe even all week?).

        Don’t know if he has even managed to get the nightfalls/weekly done which is strange for him (&/or any of us that play regularly). :/

  2. Ha – I was there when TC got his final piece of raid gear in Destiny. He was so happy! So happy in fact that his character was literally bouncing on the spot for a good couple of minutes! :)

    That wasn’t all for him though – He actually went on to have the evening on Destiny that I had wished for myself. First off he got Red Death in the same raid that the helmet dropped in, which I have been after since I got the game. He then was part of our team for taking down Atheon afterwards & whilst I am unsure what he got throughout the raid, I happen to know that he got the Mythoclast at the end of it… Which again, I have been after for quite some time & haven’t received after numerous hard mode raids (10-20+?).

    Have now come to the conclusion that the game must have had sympathy for his illness & decided to reward him with great gear as a result. I will therefore now be rubbing my face against any ill person I see from now on so that I am prepared for the reset on Tuesday. ;)

    Congrats to TC on his new gear though.

    Other than a lot of Destiny, I have played an evening of the crew (which actually gets more enjoyable the more I play it) & spits & spats of Peggle 2.

  3. Not a lot of time this week for me, but i managed a little each of Driveclub, King Oddball, Rogue Legacy, Valiant Hearts, Hustle Kings and Super Stardust Ultra.

  4. Got saints row platinum and gat out of hell out the way then finished up on infamous first light and then destiny and I just got thunderlord from a legendary engram oh and a bit of apotheon and resogun aswell

  5. The usual pro clubs, a bit of dying light.

    The order came this morning played the intro can’t wait get back home to play. Got wolf among on the vita that ready too.

  6. I’ve been playing more Dragon Age Inquisition,some Advanced Warfare exo survival with friends,and more Destiny.
    Destiny just keeps drawing me back in for more!

  7. Some co-op The Crew action with Forrest and berzerka on Monday.
    A little bit of Peggle 2 (as I couldn’t decide what to play).
    Picked up Hustle Kings and Hand of Fate on Wednesday, Hustle Kings is disappointing as it’s very online orientated but Hand of Fate is pretty good fun.
    Most of the time in between has been spent playing more Binding of Isaac.

  8. Picked up a couple of games in the XBL sale. Styx, which is a great (albeit slightly unpolished) stealth game. Not too far through it yet but enjoying it so far.
    Also picked up Lara Croft Temple of Osiris. Really enjoying that too. Haven’t tried it co-op yet but, like Guardian of Light, it seems like a decent puzzle/twinstick shooter.
    Finally, picked up DOA 5 core fighters edition for a few quid. Really enjoyed the game on 360 so its nice to play it again.
    £16 total, can’t complain about that really :)

  9. SuperStardustUltra is as amazingly addictive as the first time around on t’other gen, so have been giving some serious attention to that absolute gem.
    Others worthy of mention have been the GT6 meet, also the regular weekly Grid Autosport Racenet challenges….the road to level 250XP :P
    I’m giving the Angry Birds Star Wars PS4 a miss at the moment as it’s become infuriatingly difficult due to the progression and level that I’ve reached grrr!

  10. Bit of cod ghosts extinction, and a bit of assassin’s creed 3 (which I’m finding very boring so far). Plus, spending too much money bidding for things I don’t really need on ebay.

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