Lords Of The Fallen’s Ancient Labyrinth DLC Releasing March 3rd

CI Games has announced that it will be releasing the Ancient Labyrinth DLC for Lords Of The Fallen on March 3rd. This date is for PC, Xbox One, and European PSN, while North American PS4 owners will get the chance to download on March 4th. The price for this DLC expansion was not provided at time of writing.


Ancient Labyrinth opens a new realm in Lords Of The Fallen, as well as more story where players explore a library and the dangerous wilds of the labyrinth. The expansion will feature new monsters to fight, and new gear to discover including weapons, shields, and armour.

Source: PR/Youtube


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  1. I do not know, like the others, but I’m glad. Extra hours of Lotf always welcome. The advantage is additional equipment, and certainly new opponents. I wonder how will you get to the maze. Open, any passage? Because, I do not think you will need to start the game all over again.

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