Telltale Games Receives Large Investment From Lionsgate

Game studio Telltale Games, known for its episodic projects like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, has announced that it has received investment from Lionsgate Films. The studio also announced that former EA chief John Riccitiello has joined the company’s Board of Directors. These moves will shape the content that will come out Telltale going forward.

The investment from Lionsgate gives Telltale a huge database of properties to adapt into games, but that won’t be all the studio does. As part of this partnership Lionsgate and Telltale will work together on original IPs too, though we won’t see those for quite a while. Another thing the two will be working on a Super Shows.

These have been described as projects where TV episodes tie in with game episodes. It’s not a totally new idea as this has been attempted with Defiance, and is also part of the plan for Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break.

Source: PR/Entertainment Weekly


  1. Hopefully they’ll use some of this money to patch all the bugs out of their back catalogue.

  2. So Hunger Games and Twilight then.

    • Onwards and upwards from Telltale Is nice to see.

      I’m not sold on their episodic model though, I’d be interested in their Game of thrones series but I don’t feel like waiting a month for each hours play.

      Looking forward to Walking Dead season 3 to come later this year!

    • Didn’t mean it to be a reply to you, sorry.

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