(Updated) This Month’s PlayStation Plus Update Includes Oddworld, OlliOlli 2 And Valiant Hearts

Update: The full PS Plus update for March has finally been confirmed by Sony. For this month you can expect the following.

PS4 – Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty & Valiant Hearts: The Great War.


PS3 – Papa & Yo, and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments.

PS Vita: OlliOlli 2 & CounterSpy (Cross-buy with PS3/PS4).

These games are now live to grab in North America, with Europe being able to grab the content tomorrow when the store updates.

Original Story:

Sony are remaining, for whatever reason, very tight-lipped with this month’s European PlayStation Plus update, right up until the eleventh hour as the content should be going live tomorrow as it’s the first Wednesday of the month.

Thanks to the beauty of advertising, this background image below has appeared on a few sites – including TSA, briefly – and has leaked a couple of the games heading to the service.

That’s right, Oddworld New’n’Tasty and Valiant Hearts will be available for free for PS+ subscribers starting tomorrow. We’ll let you know when we find out the other titles.

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  1. Oh ffs. They were both heavily discounted at new year and I would be very surprised if anyone who would be interested in them hasn’t already got them or completed them. But of course, they know that don’t they. Utter waste of space, plus.

    • Depends on your point of view… I almost picked up Valiant Hearts in the sale but figured with that much of a reduction it was a sure fire for plus in the near future, and here we are…

      Also last month’s Transistor was another I’ve been holding out for. So for me it’s been great on that front, although I was miffed at buying Infamous First Light at launch then getting it free on plus 3 months later. Moral of the story is don’t buy any game for 3-6 months after release, by that time it’ll have either been on plus or be so cheap you won’t care!

  2. two good games, that i haven’t already got for a change.

    i have to wonder why there’s been no announcement of the Plus games, not even on the us blog it seems, i mean, they’re only a few hours away from their update aren’t they

  3. Pfjew I only bought one of these :-)

  4. Very nice. I look forward to trying out those games if they are definitely coming to the service.

    I wouldn’t mind if they cancelled the advance announcements all together and just announced the games on update day. At the moment though, it’s the fact that the blog staff are completely silent and have gone against there word, which shows just how much 4theplayers they really are. Sony are full of shit sometimes.

    • God forbid a company look after their own interests, eh? Haha!

      • Or ‘a company should ever keep their word’ :)

        It’s obscene just thinking about it :P

    • Well it’s been confirmed, and as I don’t have a PS4 I have sod all to download except OlliOlli 2 for the Vita. Might give counterspy a try, but on the whole, reports of certain games hitting the service are apparently greatly exaggerated. PS3 line up is pretty tragic.

      • Looks like 1 of those PS3 games would have been Dishonored (it’s in the URL for the blog post announcing the games). Which of the 2 games replaced it though?

      • Aye, I noticed that too which is part of what makes the current PS3 line up a bit of a shame. I reckon Sherlock Holmes was the replacement.

      • Well, if it _was_ Sherlock Holmes replacing Dishonored, then it’s actually an improvement. Assuming you’ve already got Dishonored. Which I have. So I kind of win, if that was the case.

        If it was Papa & Yo replacing Dishonored, they’ve swapped 1 game I’ve already got for another I’ve already got. So no great loss there.

      • Sherlock Holmes isn’t really my kind of thing. I think Dishonoured might have been a better all-rounder for people than the Sherlock game. Someone said that there has been regional release issues with Dishonoured, which is perhaps the reason for the delay.

  5. I hope the delay in announcing it is because something went wrong with getting 1 or both of those games. Just because I’ve already got Valiant Hearts (it’s rather good) and a remake of an almost 20 year old game is taking the piss a bit.

  6. Do I get a special prize for noticing that The Last of Us Remastered is gonna be on sale tomorrow?

  7. Two games that I held off buying – a pleasant surprise!

  8. I already have Valiant Hearts but i picked it up on sale and it’s a charming little game. I think that i would find the Oddworld game frustrating but i have the chance to check it out for free now, or at least add it to my PS+ backlog..

    • if it gets too hard you can always entertain yourself making Abe fart and burp.
      at least i could. ^_^

      • I believe i too would be capable of entertaining myself with such basic resources. ;-)

  9. Are these the PS4 or PS3 games? Valiant Hearts looks nice, but I might wait it out another month.

    • Looking at the full list, I’ll hang on again, not worth it for just Valiant Hearts.

    • Confirmed by Sony now. PS3 gets Papa & Yo (another one I’ve already picked up in a sale – it gets my approval too) and that Sherlock Holmes game, which looks at least mildly distracting for a few hours.

      The Vita gets CounterSpy (cross-buy with ps3/4) and the sequel to the vastly overrated shitty controls simulator that was OlliOlli. (Picked that up in a sale for less than 2 quid and still regret it. At least the sequel looks a bit nicer)

      Fairly average month, but at least that leaves time for more Resident Evil tomorrow (that raid mode is stupidly fun).

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