The Division Rumored To Have 100 Player PvP Dark Zone Lobbies

For all the hubbub and hype behind The Division, there are equal amounts of anxiety and skepticism. Ubisoft has burned some players in the last year with their next-gen releases, which is leading to some halted expectations for their upcoming multiplayer open world shooter, The Division. While we haven’t gotten much new official info on the game, some recent leaks are helping to paint a picture of what we can expect from the game.

Some footage of an early build of the game leaked out earlier, but all that remains of the quickly nuked leak are some screenshots and gifs.


After reports on the leak came out, Ubisoft was quick to assure people that these were taken from a very old and unpolished version of the game. So that explains that leak, but then there’s the other leak!

According to YouTube user Arekkz Gaming, there are rumors of some features from an alpha build of The Division, upcoming or otherwise. On top of character customization and extraction tools, one notable rumor was that there will be areas in the game called Dark Zones, which are PvP areas that can support up to 100 unique players.

These Dark Zones are areas where players aren’t placed in teams. Instead everyone is out for their own gains, so could choose to partner up with you or choose to kill you. If a player turns out to be a killer their reputation within the game grows, and their identity becomes more visible. That acts as a warning sign.

Of course this is all rumor and speculation at the moment, but 100 player lobbies in a New York where society has collapsed does sound like an appealing scenario.

Source: Youtube via VG24/7



  1. So it kinda sounds like Day-Z then I guess?

    Part of me really wants to look forward to this, but I was burned badly by Watch Dogs, and I just don’t have the faith that Ubisoft can deliver on their E3 promise for The Division. I really hope I’m proven wrong though.

  2. Whilst I’m mainly interested in the single player aspects of this game, I would be very keen to try this game mode if it exists.

    • It’s all online, as far as I’m aware. It’s an MMO action RPG shooter, and has been shown as such all along really. That very first reveal gameplay video had the team defeating AI in an instanced mission at a police station, but then when they left to call for extraction, the camera pulled back to reveal all the other human players who would now be coming for them until their escape vehicle arrived.

      • It was confirmed early on that you can play it all in single-player if you so wanted.

        When it’s shown off like you just mentioned, it looks great, but it’s an absolute best case scenario. If you want the full team experience you’ll need 3 friends online at the same time willing to do the same thing, and then you have other people in the game acting like tools, exploiting things to get an advantage, and all the other baggage you’ll get.

      • I just checked, and online is seemlessly integrated, a la Watch Dogs. You can just jump between the two, your character is persistent across any mode.

  3. I’m not holding much hope for this game anymore. Saying that, the 100 pvp sounds like a fairly good idea but I fear it could turn into a campers paradise.

  4. I had a lot of hope for this game 12 months ago, however i can not bring myself to get excited about an ubisoft game.

  5. I’m in agreement with the others,i want to be hyped for this game and have been looking forward to it for sometime (pre-ordered)but Ubisofts other outings have me a bit wary.Hope i’m proved wrong and it turns out to be something special.

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