Alleged PS4 Firmware Update 2.50 Features Leak

PS4 firmware update 2.50 is apparently undergoing beta testing at the moment, and a few of those who have access to the firmware already have started mentioning what will come with it. One of the main features is apparently suspend & resume, where you’ll be able to enter rest mode without closing games or apps.



The original tweet that had the above image has since been deleted, probably due to the fact it would have broken a non-disclosure agreement. Apparently, and take this with a pinch of salt at the minute, but Twitter user Wario64 has allegedly seen the changelog. According to a couple of tweets 2.50 may bring the ability to delete 0% trophy lists, and possibly 60fps to Share Play but both of those details remain unconfirmed.

Of course once Sony is ready to release information about firmware 2.50 for the PS4 we shall let you know all the actual changes and additions.

Source: Twitter



  1. It’s about time we got ‘suspend & resume’, it was one of the PS4’s main features at the February reveal all those years ago. I leave my PS4 on pause and fair bit so I don’t have to wait while it boots up and re-loads the game.

    • My thoughts exactly. I was surprised on release when a friend said that PS4 couldn’t suspend and resume. It seemed baffling at the time why the feature wasn’t included. Glad they decided to put in.

      • More baffling as it’s been available on Vita since launch, can’t remember if it was available on PSP.

      • Aye, it was available on PSP too, although it was more along the lines of sleep mode only, rather than being able to do other things whilst a game is suspended.

        In fact, I’m not sure exactly what the Suspend & Resume feature will do on PS4 now that I’m thinking about. It mentions rest mode, but if that means it’ll basically just go into sleep mode, it’s a bit naff. I liked the idea of it being like the Vita where you could suspend a game and do something else on the console.

      • @Avenger, regarding latest post where you seem to be confused about what the PS4 can currently do. You can suspend a game, and do other things on the console currently, just press the PS button and away you go to do stuff like browse the store, use the Internet browser, friends, trophies etc. Obviously this doesn’t work for online games, the game just carries on as you press the PS button.

        What you cannot do (which the PSP, X1 can) is put the PS4 into a low power state with the game held in RAM so that you don’t have to save and restart the game.

      • Ah, thanks for that clarity. It was only this morning I realised that they were two different features and I wasn’t sure what was what.

  2. It’d be great to delete the lacklustre 0% trophy lists, but I wonder, what about those fabled 1% trophy lists???

  3. I feel seriously let down by the lack of media streaming, no show on that is a poor show this far in. Sod anything else, that’s just farting around

    • But it’s a games console, media is just extra feature. Get a sky box or Virgin media.

      Sorry if I sound rude but people need to realise it’s a game console first then extras after

      • The reason i bought an xbox one was for its media functions. If sony had them in their console i would not have had to buy one. Why have four boxes when one can do it all.

      • I do see your point but I do think it should have had at least the features that the ps3 had.

    • Lack of a media remote control, that’s my only ps4 gripe.

  4. It’ll be handy for those occasions when i’m obsessed by a single game but otherwise i tend to be a bit eclectic with my gaming habits.
    Most games load pretty quickly on PS4 but there are a few like GTA which will benefit from a quicker startup.

    As for hiding my (numerous) 0% trophies – it would take me so long to scroll through my trophy list and find them in the first place that …well.. no need.
    Unless they’ve managed to leverage some reverse-engineered alien coding techniques so that trophies can now be listed in a way that is useful? I’m quietly optimistic.

    • What if there’s a simple single tick box for hide all 0% trophies?

      • And what about all the 1% trophies.. :)
        I would be disappointed if they would automatically group those under one tick box rather than giving us better overall search/list options.

        I read elsewhere that there will also be the option to search online for screenshots which feature trophies … not exactly sure how useful that would be but that would seem to imply that they are tweaking the search/list options, so hopefully.

  5. Xbox has had this since launch and its a great feature. Useful when you want a break and can load up youtube, twitch or the web browser, then return to the game exactly where you left it.

    • You can already do that on PS4. Multitasking? It’s the Instant on from standby feature that the X1 has (don’t use it personally because of power use) that the PS4 doesn’t have.

    • You have always been able to do the same on PS4. Do you even own one? I regularly switch between game and iPlayer and instantly back to game later.

      What is being added here is the ability to turn the system off and then instantly boot it back up right into the game where it left off.

      Xbone can’t do that.

      • Xbox One has always been able to turn off and then instantly boot back up right into the game where it left off. Do you even own one?

      • Don’t feed the troll, Avenger. Look for the member since: ‘this or the last month’. Which means the powers that be haven’t got around to banning them yet.

      • I know, beeje13. Just a little humorous parodying on my part.

      • If you use Xbox one instant on, it never actually turns the system properly off, its in standby state. PS4 does proper hibernate.

        I can however see how the technically illeterate don’t understand the difference.

      • Technically illiterate?! That should be your next username! Xbox also has a turn off option as well as instant on, you blithering fool!

      • Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. So the PS4 does proper hibernate. That means it saves all information onto the HDD on power down and then not only takes longer to power up than a stand-by boot, but whilst in hibernation it cannot do anything like downloading/updating.

        I know this is feeding the troll, but I am rather entertained by it. I have never seen a troll contradict itself this much before.

      • it sounds like you are totally unaware of the PS4 second processor, the ultra low power ARM chip that can write to the HDD (using shared decryption keys), and drive the Ethernet and WiFi using its microkernel..

      • Ok, i’m gonna have a try.

        Yes it does have an ARM chip that’s active in standby (now called ‘rest mode’). That doesn’t make it ‘proper hibernate’ (whatever that is, hibernate/sleep/standby can all mean the same thing, there is no set definition as far as I’m aware).

        The X1 doesn’t have an ARM processor, AFAIK, so it’ll just turn one of its CPU cores on. It probably is less energy efficient, but it does the same function.

        Using the Instant-On feature uses a whopping 15 Watts. I’m not being sarcastic, it is ALOT of juice to be burning through while you’re not using it.

        ‘Energy saving off mode’ uses 0.5 watts. Not great by standby standards, but much preferable IMO to the above.

        Those figures are from Microsoft, I haven’t plucked them out of the air.

        PS4 for comparison uses 8.8 watts in rest mode when idle (uses more if controllers are being charged). Will undoubtedly use similar to X1 levels when game suspend/resume is used.

        Also uses 0.5 watts when ‘switched off’.

        Alot of this info has made me consider switching the sockets off/unplugging them when I’m not using them.

      • Cracking reply beeje13, every possible detail needed to fulfill requirements. I think it might be time though for the piano to sound, a cigar to light and everyone have a Hamlet cigar retro 90’s moment…chill city :P

      • Indeed, a thorough response beeje13.

        For reference, sleep and stand-by usually tend to refer to the same process of suspending all data in a session to the Random Access Memory. Power is partly consumed to keep the RAM powered and active, as without power all data would be lost.

        Hibernation on the other hand is the process of transferring a session active in the RAM to the HDD and then powering down completely. The session is stored on HDD, and then on power up it is transferred back to the RAM. Due to HDD access limitations, a hibernated computer takes longer to resume session than a computer on stand-by, but is shorter than a full boot and consumes the same amount of power as is the computer were off.

        Of course this matters little with consoles, because to my knowledge they use stand-by/sleep. A ‘proper hibernate’ on a console would take longer to power down and power up than stand-by, and the console wouldn’t be able to do anything because it would be completely powered down (even the HDD would be inactive).

        Now then, onto that Hamlet cigar…

      • “and the console wouldn’t be able to do anything because it would be completely powered down (even the HDD would be inactive).”

        That’s where the second arm tickover CPU comes in. Even with the console off, it has its own embedded micro operating system that can download and install games to the HDD.

        It’s the same CPU that downloads and installs games to the HDD when the console is on, it’s totally independent to the main console operation.

        The best analogy would be you have turned off or fully hibernated your PC, and disconnected the HDD and connected it to your phone, and using that to download and decompress the files on the HDD, ready for next time your PC is started up.

        The only differences are that in Sony’s implementation, both systems are connected at the same time, everything is encrypted, and they are sharing the same networking (via internal hardware bridge)

        Its actually a very smart approach.

  6. Awesome updates, especially the trophy stuff!

  7. A few more details have emerged..

    As well as Suspend/Resume,delete/hide 0% trophies and remappable buttons..

    60fps for both SharePlay and Remote Play..

    You can select a trophy – Options- Search Internet – to google search for guides for that trophy.. – i dare say a few around here will find that handy ;)

    External Hdd Backup for Games/Apps as well as Capture/Video.. – overdue but will be useful for storing digital purchases offline when reclaiming HDD space.

    And one user said that trophies seem to be syncing in the background as there is no loading bar when they click on trophies. This isn’t confirmed by any others yet though.

    A few decent tweaks but hopefully there will be more to it.

    • That backing up games to an external drive could be very useful. As long as it’s not a backup or restore everything in one go only situation. I want to be able to back everything up, delete things to make space, and then restore a single game from the backup later on.

      And I hope it applies to games on disc too, not just downloaded ones. While it might sound pointless (you can just reinstall from the disc), there’s that issue of massive patches. It’d be nice to be able to back those up and delete the game until I want to play it again.

      This could end up like the situation with my PS3 (which I’m sure someone else must do). I’ve got loads of smaller games that probably take up half the space, and then have to keep deleting bigger ones to make room while the smaller ones slowly eat up more and more space.

      Or I could just put a massive drive in the PS4. But until now (or soon-ish) that’d involve downloading lots of stuff again. How long did Battlefield 4 take to download?? (I couldn’t resist the cheap deal on the premium version not long ago. And then regretted a 58 gig download. More fun than I was expecting too, really)

      • I hadn’t considered that it might be restricted to only being able to “restore all” as an option, that won’t be quite as useful.
        Relating to that it’s also annoying how you can’t currently see what you have previously stored on an external hdd when you go to back up additional pics/videos.

      • Would Sony go for the easy option of making it just a simple backup? I’d hope not. The only reason they might is if it was (a) quicker to do, and (b) to prevent piracy. But the games are obviously tied to your PSN account. Or in the case of disc based games, you still need the disc to play it (and any DLC is tied to the PSN account).

        What I’m really hoping for is that the remapping buttons isn’t system wide, but an option for each game. It’s rare, but sometimes you might like to move a button on a particular game. That (otherwise great) new Resident Evil game? There’s a bit where you have to run quickly to a gate, moving with the left stick, holding X to run, and failing to see where you’re going because the camera is controlled by the right stick. And how many games stupidly use L3 or R3 for anything?

        But Sony might let developers disable that option. I’d hope not, as it’s listed as an accessibility feature. They’d most likely be in a very dodgy legal area if they allowed it to be turned off.

      • I’ve been holding off upgrading my PS4 HDD until this function is available because I’m in the sticks on close to the worlds crappest internet (at best 4mbps, usually around 2) and BT keep delaying infinty/FTTC so I’m naturally not keen to replace the drive and then have to wait a week or more for all the patches etc to download.

        Having said that it took so long to backup, format and restore when I replaced the PS3s 40GB drive with a 320GB that if the PS4 is anything like it it might actually be quicker to wait for the download!!

        Selective backup/restore would be a very useful feature to have, but for some reason Sony never seem to think about stuff like that and only seem to do the bare minimum they have to to get the tick in the box…

      • The PS4 has USB3 support, doesn’t it? Which I believe does a theoretical 5Gbit/s, or closer to 3 in practice. (3.2 rings a bell)

        So if you’ve filled up a PS4, you’ve got around 400GB to backup. Which should take just over a quarter of an hour. A massive game could be taking up 60GB, which means about 2.5 minutes to backup/restore.

        Of course, that’s an ideal case. I can’t see why reading data off one drive and writing it to another should be that much slower than whichever drive is the slowest. Unless Sony do something stupid, like trying to restore several games in parallel, rather than do them sequentially. Those sorts of shenanigans will make the best harddrive make some interesting noises and take forever.

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