Check Out This Video Of The PS4 Suspend/Resume Feature

A video has surfaced which shows the forthcoming suspend/resume feature for PlayStation 4. It seems to be quite fast, taking around nine seconds from button press to the game resuming play.

Exciting, huh?

Source: YouTube



  1. That’s not quite fast, that’s blisteringly fast..

    Good things come to those that wait.

    • You’ll be really impressed by the xboxone then, its had this since November 2013 and is just as quick!

      • Well I should hope so, it only has about half as many pixels to resume ;)

      • Ha ha that’s a good one! It even works on Forza at 1080p/60fps (yes xbox has a exclusive racer at 1080/60fps)

      • Problem is, everyone knows forza looks like a pile of crap, it’s visuals were downgraded to make a headline grabbing 1080p/60 so braindead idiots everywhere could shout from the rooftops that Xbox one could manage it.

        Resolution and framerate are only two of the three parts of the equation, the third is texture quality… And it’s something that’s hard to quantify in numbers.

      • “braindead idiots?” You really need to chill out Blighty, you get way too into this. Lighten up a bit.

      • Blackarts seriously has no idea what he’s on about. Forza 5 may have gotten downgraded, but the textures aren’t the issue.

        And if there’s only three aspects to graphics, then I guess animations, geometry, shaders, lighting, shadows, physics, anti aliasing and levels of detail don’t matter…

        Oh right, don’t feed the troll. Sorry.

      • Right, of course. The same brain dead idiots who were playing non-HD games on consoles before PlayStation was ever conceived. Right, yeah, those people.

        I quite like downgraded visuals. Visual fidelity is so overrated.

      • meanwhile xbox fans are screaming about the brand new screenshot feature.
        it matters not when its released as long as it works when it is :)

  2. A lot faster than I thought it was going to be, but so it should be for the amount of time it’s been ‘in development’.

  3. I’d be interested in how much power it uses in suspend mode. That seems like everything is still kept in memory for it to start that quick so I’d imagine there’s a fair old bit of juice being absorbed.

    • Not sure but I would guess it’ll be the same as, or very close to, when in sleep mode with background download running.

    • I heard someone mention it was around 8-9 watts (can’t remember exactly). Not too bad for short periods, but anything long term could make a small dent in the electric bill.

      • That’s £8.60 a year at my current rate.

      • I leave my PS4 with a game paused for up to an hour so it will help my electric usage.

      • The PS4 uses 8.5 watts in standby, so this’ll use considerably more. Probably double that

      • Why wouldn’t it just commit all of the RAM (that’s captured to isolate the game) onto the HDD?

      • It will use exactly the same as before, about 8w. What the tickover processor and dedicated os use.

  4. In really glad it’s coming I think it’s the main reason I play on my xbone mainly at the moment.

  5. What game is that? Sure not infamous right?

    • Saints Row Re-Elected

      • Ah that explains why I don’t know it.


  6. That’s faster than i expected, even knowing it’s being stored ‘live’ in memory. Not a must-have feature for me but a neat option all the same.

  7. Has this been tested for extended periods of time like 10-12 hours? And what about the lifespan of the PS4 itself if continued to use instead of shutting down the system entirely?

  8. Would this be similar to how you hibernate a PC and it stores everything in the RAM. Forgive my ignorance, but I thought since if it was stored in the RAM couldn’t that mean you could in theory disconnect the power and reconnect it and all the data is still sitting in the RAM ready to start up again? I.e like saving to ask flash drive?

    • I don’t believe so but could be wrong. Thought ram needed constant power and unless there’s a battery then you wouldn’t be able to unplug.

    • No. Hibernation on PCs saves the session to HDD not RAM. Hence why you can disconnect power from a hibernated PC.

      The PS4 stores the session in the RAM (which isn’t hard memory), so power is required to keep the memory active. Incidentally saving to RAM is called sleep. That’s where the difference between hibernation and sleep is. One saves to HDD, the other to RAM.

  9. Just been reading a bit from this website link

    It appears that Desktop PC do save content to the HDD, not RAM whilst in Hibernate mode, and restore the information from the HDD to RAM upon waking. However it may still consume some power for things like Wake on WAN/ Keyboard/ Mouse, and also lighting on components.

    I just hope the PS4 doesn’t sit there humming too much, as the faint humming that it produces whilst powering the USB ports in Rest mode is enough to annoy me (maybe I should see someone about my OCD haha)

    • I really must learn to read all comments before replying. I could have saved myself two minutes of explaining hibernation above. Funnily enough the link is howtogeek, which sounds about right for me.

      To be honest nothing in computers is truly off until you pull the plug. The motherboard is powered when a computer is shut down, in order to power the bios, power USB sockets, and even rather ironically the power button itself. All of it’s marginal though.

  10. Although it is a super cool feature I don’t think that I care much for it.

    I really don’t think it takes long to turn on the console and load up a game, I would much rather save on my electricity bill than save seconds on boot up time.

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