Dishonored Confirmed For April PS Plus Update

Sony took its time announcing the line up for March’s PS Plus update, waiting right until North America’s update day to finally confirm the line up. When linked to the official blog some of you may have noticed Dishonored in the URL, which was quickly removed.

Now it appears Dishonored may have been one of the intended PS3 games for the March Plus update, but got replaced at the last minute. Sony has now confirmed though that Dishonored is making its way to April’s PS Plus line up, at least in Europe, next month.


Of course Sony hasn’t confirmed what else will be heading to April’s instant game collection, but let us hope the company doesn’t wait until the last minute to announce the line up again.

Source: Twitter



  1. Great game, one of my favourites from last gen. I heard rumours of a sequel so hopefully that will happen.

  2. Sounds good to me, maybe PS plus is trying a comeback after many so so months.

  3. This might be the first time a game has been on 360 games with gold before ps+

  4. How about confirming something that isn’t an indie or indie-style PSN game for PS4?

    • Rumour has it that DriveClub plus edition might be the next big title for the ps4 coming out anytime time between now till 2016

      • I wouldn’t hold my breath. :-P

  5. already got it.
    on 360, but still got it.

    good for people who don’t though.

  6. Good game, I still need to finish it.

  7. There’s a Jaffa Cake up for grabs for the first person to tell me when the PS+ collection last featured an EA published game…

    • Crysis 3 (August – September 2014). Now give me my Jaffa cake. It better not be fondled.

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