Cross-Generation Development Affected Far Cry 4 According To Developer

The technical lead on Far Cry 4, Stephen McAuley, has admitted that decisions made about the game were affected by the fact that it was a cross-generation title.

Speaking at GDC, McAuley said “Our mandate as a graphics team was to lead current-gen, keeping the last-gen engine the same as what shipped Far Cry 3. That gave us a lot of constraints as we had to keep the last-gen working, which affected a lot of our decisions throughout the project. By the end of the project, as was probably inevitable, we had to go back to the PS3 and Xbox 360 and polish those up, but it meant that we had a better product than FC3 on all platforms.”


The game received positive reviews upon its release but many noted the striking similarities to Far Cry 3 and the lack of innovation. What did you think of the quote? Do you believe that FC4 would have benefited if Ubisoft Montreal scrapped the last-gen versions?

For more on McAuley’s slides, follow this link.

Source: Dark Side of Gaming



  1. Ubisoft whinging about being Ubisoft. Ubisoft! lol

  2. I had no problem with the game, graphics-wise.. In fact the only real issue was that it was too similar to Far Cry 3.. And Watch_Dogs. And Assassins Creed. And every other goddamned open world, tower-unlocking, collectathon Ubisoft make these days.

  3. Well, I couldn’t see any bad effects, nothing glaringly wrong with the game. Amazing environment, decent story, gameplay, and impressive graphics considering the open-worldness.

    It was already 1080p on both PS4/X1, 60fps seems out of the question due to scale… Would love to know what they could have done without the limitation!

  4. So a new engine for Far Cry 5 then.

  5. I thought they played the whole thing for safe but it could’ve been worse,we only have to play Watch Dogs to see that.Their fps competitors play it safe as well and at least safe beats broken.

  6. I never had a problem with the game other that it didn’t push forwards in terms of new ideas. Apart from the elephants of course.

  7. I didn’t have a problem with the game but it was basically Far Cry 3 with a 4 at the end instead of a 3. I’m more excited about where they’ll go with the spin off. Hoping we get something like Blood Dragon again. Maybe with Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs will be big this year what with the new JP movie and Disney’s The Good Dinosaur in theatres.

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