Project CARS To Remain Parked In Development As Delay Until May Confirmed

Slightly Mad Studios has confirmed that Project CARS has been delayed yet again, moving from the recently confirmed April 2nd date to a more generic mid-May launch period. The game was originally slated for a November 2014 release, but was pushed back to March 20th, before being delayed just a few weeks ago.

Slightly Mad’s Ian Bell had the following to say on the matter.


“Despite our long heritage and pedigree in making critically-acclaimed racing games, Project CARS is by far the grandest and most intricately detailed of them all. Despite therefore the game being 99.9% complete, the remaining 0.1% attending to small issues and bugs has been tricky to anticipate.

We’re absolutely dedicated to delivering a ground-breaking experience and by targeting mid-May fans can be assured that’s what they’ll receive.”

That statement is very similar to the one released three weeks ago, but if it means more quality control on the final product that is a good thing. Here’s hoping this is the final delay the game gets, and that we see it released in May.

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  1. The wait for a decent PS4 racer continues, I expect we’ll see the new F1 game before this finally arrives. Hopefully with the extra delay Slightly Mad will add another exotic car or two to the pre-order DLC.

    • DriveClub is a pretty dam good racer game on ps4

      • It’s okay just not my style. Prefer more sim and circuit racing.

      • I agree with jeanhenry. DriveClub is not sim and circuit racing, and for all my love of racing games DC wouldn’t be my thing. Project Cars is the first major one for PS4. I know a lot of people are hoping it will be as good as it looks on the sim side of things.

    • We already have driveclub which is pretty damn excellent now. I may get this on pc so I can use my G25 though

  2. Hopefully it’s to iron out the possibility of any online debacles, rendering the game a 50%’er better known as the DC launch….*very respectable all rounder now though*
    Quite looking forward to this one….as a build up to the behemoth Polyphony Digital offering plz!!

  3. Totally echo jeanhenry’s comments, the delays on this game better be worth it.

    I never did get GT6 on the PS3, starting to think I should while the wait goes on.

  4. They also said that they will be giving everybody something extra for free because of the delay, possibly some DLC but not yet decided.

  5. Project Farce.

  6. As I said with Uncharted 4, would rather a delay than a game riddled with bugs. Can’t stand spending £40+ on a game on release, only to find it’s half-finished.

  7. It’s a shame it’s been delayed again, but I would rather wait until SM Studios are happy with the results of all their hard work than they rushed it to market.

  8. So Project Cars pulled a Drive Club eh?
    *walks into a field of corns*

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