EGX Rezzed Diary: Day 0 – Haribo, Hotels & Indie Anticipation

Hotels are incredibly boring places. I mean I suppose the kind of hotels with pools and that kind of thing can be alright, but I don’t think I’ve stayed anywhere like that for about the last 10 years, and even then I don’t remember being all that excited by the whole experience. I do have a vague memory of a uniquely terrible miniature golf course and badly worn table tennis tables at one hotel, but that was still more fun than a depressing, cheap, inner city hotel.

I suppose that’s sort of the point of a budget hotel there, they’re not there to keep you entertained but rather to give you a base so you can go and find your own entertainment. Unfortunately I haven’t really arranged anything for the first of the three nights I’m staying up in London for Rezzed, largely because I’ve travelled here from work and didn’t actually check in until 9pm.

That is not the kind of experience that lends itself to going and exploring what this particular area of London has to offer, although I do wished I’d picked up some proper food from the Budgens I visited on the walk up from the tube station. Instead I only picked up two things: a large bottle of Cherry Coke and a pack of Fizzy Cola Haribo. Now I know probably should have grabbed a litre bottle of water, rather than the Coke, but it’s not that big of a deal. I like Coke, Cherry Coke in particular, and it’s not going to do me any more harm than the terrible things I’ve drunk in the past.


The Haribo, however, was a mistake. It was an impulse buy really, one that should have been combined with buying something of actual nutritional value. Instead of that I seem to have concluded that my two purchases would be enough to sustain me for now, a decision I deeply regret. A man cannot live on Haribo, at least not if they don’t want insulin injections in their future.

To be fair to this dull, dull hotel they do actually offer food if I were to head down to their “cafe bar”, but at this time of night they only offer what appears to be Chicago Town pizza that they slap about a £5 markup on to heat up. I really want no part of that. Plus I’m kind of settled into my room now, even if all I’m doing is watching Netflix on my phone.

Really I should be preparing for the start of Rezzed tomorrow, although I’ve already arranged to meet up with Tef, a man who actually knows what he’s doing and has arranged interview appointments and the like for us. We’re seeing a few people specifically at the show, and I’m sure we’ll actually talk to far more as we wander around the show floor.

From what I’ve managed to gather of Rezzed, not having been before, this seems to be the way to approach things, in a far more relaxed manner than its bigger, Birmingham bound brother, or shows like Gamescom and E3. The advantage with Rezzed is that it has an indie focus, meaning you’ve actually got a shot at talking to a developer when you approach a game.

That’s not to say that bigger shows are any worse, there’s just the downside that you’re more likely to get someone only tangentally associated with the game’s development manning the booth. You might hit it lucky and find a developer or senior member of the PR team hanging about but, in my experience, the odds aren’t all that great. The exception to this at EGX is the Rezzed section, the place where indie games live. If someone is showing off an indie game then they’re either working directly on the game or are good friends with someone who is, meaning they’ve probably extensively play tested it.

This is pretty much why I’m really excited to get down to Rezzed tomorrow. The point here isn’t to show off the next round of AAA games, it’s to give exposure to smaller titles without a huge team backing their development. This is where you really seem to find a bit of variety in games these days, and it’s great to actually be able to talk to someone about the motivations behind their design choices.

I’m excited to get another look at Beyond Eyes, a really interesting game about a blind girl I wrote about last year, as well as to die a few more times in space based stealth ’em up Heat Signature, again a title I played back at EGX and really enjoyed. There’s also games like Pro Puzzle Wrestling, a match three game set in the world of pro wrestling that looks brilliant and slightly bonkers, and Starship Mechanic, which does exactly what it says on the tin, which I’ve never played before but desperatley want to, just because they contain ideas that I can’t recall really seeing much of in the past.

That is, of course, only a very small sampling of what the show has on offer. There’s so much more that I want to see, but I can’t write about them all here. After all I need to get some sleep and eat the rest of these cola bottles to keep my strength up.



  1. Cool

  2. Should’ve gone with harribo Strawbs. Because Strawberries are a fruit and thus have nutritional value :P

    Hope you enjoyed the show today! Look forward to hearing about it.

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