Costume Quest 2 Will Eventually Be Released In The EU

Costume Quest 2 launched in North America last October and was heading to Europe until publisher Midnight City, part of the Majesco group, closed down as the parent company struggled financially.

This resulted in the cancellation of the console version of Gone Home and the future of Costume Quest 2 seemed in doubt.

Good news everybody! Costume Quest 2 is still coming to the EU at some point!

The PS4 version has Metacritic rating of 74 with many reviewers praising the game but noting it is quite short.

Source: Twitter



  1. Finally he’s spoken out – it really pissed me off that they kept quiet and ignored everyone’s request for an update, particularly as the US got it on PS4. I get quite stroppy about these things, so not sure I’ll bother picking it up now.

  2. Was only thinking about this the other day, after playing South Park Stick of Truth. I think they’ll have to set the price really low to get much interest after all this time.

  3. Bought on a sale in the US PSN store, which I know not everybody wants to do or can, but it’s an option if you get tired of waiting for it and a bit pissed off by the lack of response, as I did.

  4. Ha, there we go I internet, you can stop posting on the PS Blog blaming Sony.

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