PlayStation TV Gets A Price Cut In The UK, Now £44.99 Or Less

Sony’s set top Vita, the PlayStation TV, has had a massive price cut from £84.99 down to an RRP of just £44.99 just four months after launch.

“Starting from the 27th March, PS TV will offer even greater value for money when it becomes available for only £44.99,” a Sony spokesperson told “Now with an even more accessible price, you can benefit from the advanced features and technology that PS TV brings to your home entertainment experience.


Argos, GAME and Tesco have all dropped the price on the console whilst Smyth’s Toy have reduced the price even further and are offering PlayStation TV for just £39.99.

PlayStation TV has always seemed like a terrible name for the console to me as it does not have Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer or, well, any TV services at all.

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  1. What exactly does this thing do? I know you can play Vita games on your tv and stream PS4 games in another room, but is that it?

    • Basically.

    • I think remote play is the only reason why this would be worth buying short of accessing some past Vita games. At 44.99 it is a reasonable enough price to extend the PS4 into another room, thereby extending everything from games to all the media apps.

      • I thought I’d read somewhere that Netflix etc don’t work with Remote Play.

      • Oh blimey, I didn’t know that. If that’s the case, it only furthers the redundancy of this device more. In fact, I’m not sure it’s worth Sony’s effort.

      • Nope they don’t.

    • You can also play PSP and PS1 games, with a lot of PSP games holding up surprisingly well on the big screen.

      There’s a DLNA app for streaming from a server, and remote play works great – though I use a wired connection and power line adaptors in my house so it’s probably as good as it’s going to get.

      • I use mine mainly for playstation now.. I live in Finland but am using American account. Imo it’s fantastic service I’m also playing on my vita an also is awesome playing ratchet and clank into the nexus on ps vita.. an when I want to play on the big screen I use pstv. And pick up just where I left off.

  2. A crazy price for people to access Vita games. Of course they’d need a Dualshock controller and likely a memory card, but still, this would make a decent low cost package for some people. A shame Vita isn’t actually being supported much anymore though.

  3. In other words, this unit pretty pointless, I suspect the main reason is to stream your PS4 to another TV but at £89.99 that was steep…now at £44.99 it is more reasonable for most folk but it is strange that it does no TV service…

  4. When first announced I thought this could be good but after thinking about it I doubt I would use it very often.
    Good price cut though.

  5. I was all over this when I first heard about it. Then it turned out loads of the best Vita games weren’t compatible and the PS4 streaming was laggy to almost unplayable. Now just have PS3 (with Netflix) in one room and PS4 (with Netflix) in the other.

  6. I thought this couldn’t be selling too well with them bundling the sales figures with Vita & PSP. Too many asterisks with it.

  7. About the same price as the Steam Link device so. Add dlna and i would be interested.

  8. the vita has its own free dnla app ion the store i don’t know if its pstv compatable but works great on my vita, so if it works then your sorted

    • I must look into that, great if it works on PSTV too.

      • The DLNA app works great on PSTV – it’s very basic but it was more than happy to stream stuff through my Plex server.

  9. I bought a PS TV a couple of months ago, in the hope it would encourage me to play through my Vita back catalogue. Unfortunately, it did no such thing.

    What killed it for me is the fact that a lot of the Vita games featured on an official list as being compatible (which was the reason I decided to get one) actually aren’t. To top it off, many of the games that DO work look absolutely terrible on a big screen. I’ve consequently only used it once, and not touched it since.

  10. It’s really just a fashion accessory for the portly walleted out there. I bought it when the wallet was a chubby bugger but use the gadget rarely now…cracking concept all the same and nicely updated price.

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