Leaked Video Shows The Motorstorm Buggies Racing In Driveclub

A few weeks ago we had leaked screenshots of the Motorstorm buggies racing in Driveclub and now a video has surfaced showing a full race.

Sadly they seem to be racing on a normal track so there are no jumps, crashes or volcanoes to be found. Additionally, a user on NeoGAF spotted a DLC pack on the PlayStation store before it was quickly removed.


I would play the pants off Motorstorm PS4 but Driveclub simply doesn’t interest me. The tease of buggy racing in Dying Light looks rather like Motorstorm but with added zombies so I think I may pick that up, what about you?

Source: AGB / NeoGAF



  1. Definitely need some buggy specific tracks.

  2. If they bring off-road tracks to it then maybe I’ll get back into it, Driveclub was good at first but got boring way too quickly. For me, I think Forza Horizon 2 was the best racer of last year, Driveclub could learn a lot from that game.

  3. Some dirt tracks combined with Driveclub’s weather system would be awesome.

  4. Can they please just use the driveclub engine and fill it with off-road fun and buggies and call it Motorstorm! I’d buy it in an instant

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