Screencheat Coming To PS4: Splitscreen Mayhem Where Cheating Is For Winners

We’ve all done it. Whether it was in GoldenEye 64 or, more recently, Call of Duty, we’ve all accidentally taken a look at another player’s portion of the screen in splitscreen multiplayer.

In Screencheat, which has just been announced for PS4, you’ll be doing that a lot. You see, player avatars are non-existent (or “invisible”), so you have to look at the other players’ portions of the screen to see their position.

The maps are colourful and zoned so you can tell where a player might be, and there are loads of wacky weapons which give off trails so you can pinpoint your foes. There’s also online play, supporting up to eight players, but this will be laid out in a splitscreen format so you can find your enemies.

It’s really a lot of fun – it’s out now on PC – and you should keep an eye on this when it releases on PS4 later this year.

Source: PS Blog



  1. I thought the PS4 only supported four controllers. So for any more you’ll have to play online.

    Xbone supports seven or eight, but nobody has that many. And most of my friends are on Playstation…

    PS3 supports eight controllers though. As does Wii U. So those would be my platform of choice for this.

  2. Interesting premise! I had an N64 and Goldeneye before any of my friends, so I was awesome at knowing where they were on the map and was the undisputed Goldeneye champ. Well, until everyone else got one, learnt the maps and then totally annihilated me, lol!

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