Go Backstage In New Guitar Hero Live Trailer

FreeStyleGames have released a behind the scenes video showing how the live-action elements of the new Guitar Hero game were created.



The game has taken on a new direction by using a live band and crowd to determine how well you are doing in the first person shredder. Whereas in previous Guitar Hero games you only heard the crowd boo, and it focused on the band playing, this time you will see real people who are not happy with your bum notes and are more than happy to chuck things at you. As well as this, your band-mates will come up to you and show their frustration which will add to the feeling of being there.

The video also shows GHTV, which the developer is describing as the “world’s first playable music video network”. This will launch with two channels and multiplayer, and the developer hopes that the player will be encouraged to discover some new music from the ‘tonnes of videos’ which will be available to play through.

Source: YouTube