Watch Dogs 2 Listed On Ubisoft Employee’s CV

In rather unsurprising news it looks like Ubisoft’s futuristic hacking game, Watch Dogs, is getting a sequel. Ubisoft’s Paris studio employee and current owner of a slapped wrist, Julien Risse, listed the unannounced game on his CV on LinkedIn.



The listing has since been removed from LinkedIn and Ubisoft have declined to comment on the matter.

Watch Dogs was Ubisoft’s largest pre-ordered title at the time but was criticised on release for looking rather less impressive than the trailers. Are you interested in a sequel? Lets us know in the comments.

Source: Videogamer



  1. I enjoyed Watch Dogs but it could have been a lot better. I would welcome a sequel.

    • This is exactly my thoughts. If they address the shortcomings of the original, a sequel could be quite brilliant. The first just missed out on greatness, but was still good.

    • I have haven’t played it, but I assume it’s fairly similar to how Assassin’s Credd was? First one was a good idea but didn’t quite live up to expectations, while the second refined the formula and was a really good game – hopefully they can do the same for Watch Dogs then… just hope they stick to a 2 year release cycle at the most!

  2. I look back on watch dogs fondly, even though I was disapointed with a few things. Really not a bad effort for a new ip.

  3. Not long after the first one came out, I got an email from Ubisoft asking me to do a survey about what I would like in a second watchdogs game. I think a second one has always been in the pipeline. I remember telling them that I would like to be able to make the main guy (Aiden??) wear something other than that stupid coat as it makes him look well suspicious.

  4. Picked Watch Dogs up in the weekend, played for about 8 hours and i’m thoroughly enjoying it. I think my expectations had been lowered by the negativity around the game. If i’d picked up on day 1 i may have been dissapointed. I’m looking forward to the inevitable sequel.

  5. It really was a great game that suffered from its own hype. For a new IP, it was not a bad attempt at all. 8/10 was a fair review but by building it up so much before hand, somehow those 8’s seemed poor.

    Still, they do need to make some improvements. It’s practically a carbon copy of the first Assassins creed. First one promised greatness, didn’t quite deliver, then AC2 happened. Arguably the best in the series (well that or Brotherhood).

    • I certainly had more fun with WD in co-op, so perhaps a complete co-op campaign would be good!

      I’d like to see improvements on the cars, and their handling; more interactive buildings that you could perhaps go inside; a reduction on the side missions that were used to fill the first game; and a more interesting Aiden please!

      The Bad Blood DLC was great – had a better main character (T-Bone), and the extra gadgets were brilliant. The story was decent enough and the environments much more interesting. If that level of care could be taken throughout the entire main game, I’d certainly like a sequel. If not, I’m not sure how interesting I’d be – as there was just a lot of “press Triangle to hack”.

    • …still enjoyed it though. The online Hacking and solid shooting mechanics were a very pleasant surprise.

  6. I thought the first game was pretty good, maybe not quite as good looking as we were initailly led to believe but not a bad game at all and i liked the way you could approach missions different ways.

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