Out This Week: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, Project CARS & Kirby

It’s the first week of May and already we’re beginning to see some of the treats these coming summer months have in store. Aside from highly anticipated racer Project CARS and Wolfenstein: The New Order prequel, The Old Blood, we also have a couple of big Nintendo launches and, of course, our regular PlayStation Plus update.

Tuesday 5th

  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood [PS4 | XB1 | PC]

Wednesday 6th

  • Airmech Arena [PS4 | XB1]
  • Cosmophony [PS4 | PS3 | PSV]
  • Ether One [PS4]
  • Syberia II [PS3]
  • PlayStation Plus May Update [PS4 | PS3 | PSV]

Thursday 7th

  • Bloo Kids 2 [3DS]
  • Yoshi’s Island DS [Wii U]

Friday 8th

  • Arcania – The Complete Tale [PS4]
  • Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush [Wii U]
  • Project CARS [ PS4 | XB1 | PC]
  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY [PS4 | XB1 | PC]
  • Puzzle & Dragons: Mario Bros. Edition [3DS]


First out of the blocks this week we have Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. Sporting a deliberate “B movie” aesthetic, this standalone expansion contains two full-bodied chapters set before the events of Wolfenstein: The New Order. As series protagonist, B.J. Blazkowicz, you’ll attempt to break into Castle Wolfenstein in one of these self-contained stories, the other focussing on a Nazi archaeologist who uncovers some rather “unique” artefacts.


Hot on its heels we have the long-awaited Project CARS from British developer, Slightly Mad Studios. Best known for their work on EA’s Need for Speed: Shift series as well as PC racer World of Speed, the studio is bringing plenty of racing game experience to Project CARS. Intent on delivering a truly realistic simulation, the game sports a refined physics engine and visuals that give DriveClub a run for its money.

Many of you will no doubt be tucking into Sony’s digital buffet, restocked with titles such as Guacamelee! (for PlayStation 4) as well as the gorgeous Hohokum and Ether One. Those who missed out on last year’s Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor will have one less excuse this week with the launch of a new “Game of the Year” edition. As always, this includes the vanilla game as well as all post-launch DLC.

Finally, on the Nintendo side of things we get some Kirby action on the Wii U as well as the Puzzle & Dragons Mario Bros. edition for 3DS.



  1. Busy week for me for a change, I have ordered The Old Blood and Project CARS, and also want to play Hohokum from PS+!

    I’ll probably also buy the CoD Advanced Warfare season pass.

  2. Big week for this time of year. I have promised my son project cars so that’s that, have to buy that. I’m tempted by the new wolfenstein standalone, quite enjoyed the new order so more of that would be OK by me. Still not finished fc4 and have shadow of mordor I still haven’t really started so don’t need the goty edition for that. Then there’s the omnipresent destiny, the bane of my existence.

  3. I’m sticking with Bloodborne ftm but will probably check out the plus content, Ether One looks interesting.

  4. Nope, actually nothing that interests me there. My wallet (& moths contained within) will be remaining closed for the meantime.

    • Although House of Wolves is out soon, so that’ll keep me interested for a little while. A day or so maybe (seeing as I am not actually interested in a lot of what they have announced for it so far)?

  5. I’ll be getting Kirby, I’m getting a small discount on it through the eShop since I bought Kirby Wii. But I don’t know if I’ll buy it this week.

    Project CARS look interesting, but I’m going to wait a bit first and see how it’s turned out.

  6. Cars pre-ordered, still confused by the release dates bandied around 7th and 9th… ah wtf it’ll arrive Friday Royal Mail Godspeed! :)

    • 7th for Europe, ANZ 8th for UK, 12th for North America.

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