P.T. Is Gone For Good, No Longer Available To Download

It was hoped that after the remove of P.T., the playable teaser that revealed the now cancelled Silent Hills, the game would still be available to download if you had previously done so. For a few days this seemed to be the case, but alas the game has now vanished completely.

Both Kotaku and Polygon report the title is no longer available so if you have not got the game on your hard drive by now you are almost out of options.

The only way to get hold of P.T. now is if you happen to have around £650 laying around, in which case you can head to Ebay where some rip-off merchants enterprising individuals are selling second hand PlayStation 4 consoles with the game installed.

UPDATE: As many of you have pointed out, the game has disappeared from the store, and is unavailable entirely for US PSN users, although currently, if you’re an EU user and have the game in your library, a re-download is still available. Konami only knows for how long – grab it now if you’re on the fence.

UPDATE 2: It has been noted that even if you have managed to download the game it has a “Stop working” date. At the strike of midnight this New Year Eve, P.T. will cease to function, even if you have it on your PS4 hard drive.

Source: Kotaku/Polygon/Ebay



  1. There’s not necessarily a “stop working” date on it. There isn’t one on my PS4. And the date I saw was 13th December, not New Year’s Eve.

    That appears to apply in certain countries only where it was only available with PS+. So doesn’t apply in the EU. (Except maybe Germany? They’re not allowed anything fun at all unless they pay for it)

    If that’s the case, it’ll stop working when your PS+ subscription runs out. Which explains different dates.

    So it’s (currently/was yesterday) available to download in the EU if you’ve already downloaded it before, and it’ll keep working forever until you delete it and possibly find you can’t download it anymore.

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