The Last Of Us: Left Behind Leaves Us A Standalone Launch Trailer

If you’re looking to quench some of that Naughty Dog storytelling thirst, the team behind Uncharted and The Last of Us have just released the incredible story DLC for Last of Us, Left Behind as a standalone game on PSN.

Left Behind sheds some more light on Ellie’s backstory, using moments from a later chapter of the original game to frame the main story of Ellie exploring an abandoned mall with Riley, before she met Joel. Ellie’s relationship with Riley was also set up a bit in the tie-in comic, Last of Us: American Dreams.


Left Behind possesses the same visual upgrades it had when it was included in the PS4 re-release of Last of Us. It also has a cheaper pricetag, going for the price of $9.99 on PS3 and PS4. Thankfully, Naughty Dog will be dropping the price of the DLC version on PS3 to $9.99 as well. The standalone version also includes a trial mode of the unique competitive multiplayer found in Last of Us.

Left Behind’s standalone edition follows in the footsteps of many large-scale downloadable side stories that have come out in the last year or two, from Infamous First Light to Assassin’s Creed 4: Freedom Cry, and even more recently with Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. It’s available today digitally for PS3 and PS4.



  1. £7.99 for those of us using EU PSN accounts, I believe.

  2. Still adore the main campaign and this slice on the side.
    That trailer gave me chills, even though I’ve completed both sections multiple times.

    Instant timeless classic.

  3. I love this game and DLC so much.

    A word of warning- there are (minor) spoilers in that amazing, wonderful little trailer if you haven’t played The Last of Us’ main campaign. It’s all clips from the DLC, but parts of it run alongside the main game’s story.

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