CD Projekt RED Working To Fix The Witcher 3’s Frame Rate Issues

With all great games, particularly this generation, comes an array of issues – particularly when it’s a game as expansive as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Thankfully, patches can fix these things and the developers have confirmed that they’re hard at work trying to fix the main issues, mainly the drop in frame rate when in combat on both consoles and PC versions.


Momot also confirmed that a new patch “shouldn’t be long” until the next patch is out for PS4, and we can assume that the patch will come to other platforms at around the same time.

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  1. So it’s broken on release and needs another update on top of the first patch, there’s free DLC but that turns out to be horse armour, there’s a season pass, the XBone version gets extra bits in it’s fancy expensive edition, and it looks somewhere between “not quite as nice” and “a massive downgrade” compared to what they showed a year or 2 ago.

    I thought they were supposed to be different and a fine example of how things should be?

    Not that it’ll stop me getting the game at some point, of course. If they can be a bunch of hypocrites, so can I ;)

    • Frame rate problems are minor and hardly classes as a broken game. Plus it’s only a problem on PS4 due to Sony insisting on 1080p that it can’t handle.

      There are going to be 16 free dlc packs and there’s more than horse armour in the first one. That was a joke reference to Oblivion.

      • And the reports of people not being able to get past the opening?

        Frame rate problems seem to affect both the PS4 and XBone versions though. One version is stuck at 900p with a higher but variable framerate, and the other is doing 1080p (as we should be expecting) with a 30fps cap (but it doesn’t always hit that).

        That’s according to Digital Foundry, so we can assume the situation is either a lot worse than they say on the XBone, or not as bad on the PS4. They’re still exaggerating things to favour MS, with the odd blatant lie thrown in for good measure.

        How exactly is it Sony’s fault anyway? MS should also be insisting on 1080p, really. Except their hardware is obviously not up to the task.

      • “Sony insisting on 1080p” – so they should, it’s a PS4. My TV has supported 1080p for god knows how many years. Besides, I got a copy yesterday, and I’m not overly impressed so far, with the gameplay or graphics.

      • I’m about 5 hours in and there are some framerate issues but it’s a very long way away from ‘broken on release’ in my opinion.

      • It would be very daft for MS to insist on a resolution that would have a detrimental effect on other aspects.

      • But it’s fine to have a 900p resolution? Even though that’s a detrimental effect. 30% of your pixels gone missing?

        Of course, you could claim some sort of dynamic resolution. It’s 900p if it needs to be. Or 1080p when it can cope. Which seems to be when nothing is happening. Like on a loading screen.

        If your game isn’t doing 1080p now (after 18 months to get used to the hardware), something’s wrong. If your console seemingly doesn’t stand a chance of ever managing it, perhaps it’s time to give up. Or fetch the money hat.

      • Both systems can handle 1080p, but a lot of developers choose to reduce it in order to boost other aspect. It’s always a balance. Last gen saw half the games not even reaching HD.

        We could have had more games running at 1080p with more powerful hardware, but then the systems would be notably more expensive and it still wouldn’t be a guarantee.

        And I’d like to point out that Microsoft did insist on 1080p with Destiny and Diablo, and both games pulled it off just fine.

      • Frankly no one should ‘insist’ on one resolution. Just because it’s a PS4 means squat. The power of the PS4 is insignificant next to the power of PCs and what they could handle. A PS3/360 could handle 1080p games, but the games wouldn’t look that good. Devs push more and more detail into a game these days (and why not, it’s suppose to be the next generation), it should be up to them how they optimise.

        And really, should a company give up on a console just because it isn’t reaching 1080p on the current bar of games? There’s way more to gaming than ideals of resolution and framerate. I’ve been playing 720p games for ages on the PS3/360, and enjoying them. If X1 has the games, I’ll always take good solid games over resolution, and the same with PS4 or any other console.

        If anything with this news, I’m more disappointed in the fact that yet another game hasn’t be released fully working.

      • Whatever company it is, if they want the games on their console to run at true 1080p, in order to get the best experience out of 1080p TVs (which I should imagine most console gamers who own a ‘this gen’ console have), then they have the right to insist a game runs at 1080p.

        I think most people are in their rights to expect this with this latest generation of consoles, and the fact 1080p TVs & films have been around for so long now, I don’t think its selfish or naive to expect it.

      • Lowering the resolution to stabilise the framerate etc is a intended effect. Framerate drops due to the system not being powerful enough to handle 1080 is a unintended effect.

      • Don’t you mean “being forced to lower the resolution by 30% to something we shouldn’t be accepting these days just to get a reasonable framerate” is an unintended effect of MS designing underpowered hardware?

        And “framerate drops” are an intended effect of “trying to make things look too pretty and not worrying about framerate”?

        Depends on whether or not you want to try and excuse an unacceptably low resolution, poorly optimised code or wildly over ambitious design.

      • The Ps4 is early in its life cycle and devs are still getting to grips with the hardware so to say the PS4 cant handle 1080p is ridiculous. Before you post these ridiculous comments maybe you should back them up with facts.

    • You don’t understand how it works MrYd

    • Its not broken, just a few framerate drops that are nowhere near the level that we have seen before. 16 Free dlcs released over time. There is no ‘season pass’ as I understand, but you buy the expansions (of 30 hour length) together in a bundle.

      The X1 collectors edition gets a couple of extra cards compared to the other versions, would you rather it have exclusive dlc? CDPR said they had an obligation to fulfill some form of exclusivity in exchange for Microsoft marketing TW3 for them – invaluable for an independent studio.

      And I think we should all realise that games shown early on aren’t representative of the final product, although they have explained the development and why people have come to that conclusion, you can read it on Eurogamer if you wish.

      Oh and @Starman, According to Digital Foundry, both games have frame rate problems, although it looks worse on PS4 because it’s vsynced and switched between 20 and 30 fps, no in between, but here is a quote from them: “That said, whenever PS4 does render at a clear 30fps, the presence of a cap and the resultant steady frame-pacing makes it the superior game in motion.”

      It may have nothing to do with resolution if it’s CPU load that is causing the framerate issues, where X1 has a slight edge in performance.

      And Sony do not insist/mandate/force 1080p. They simply suggest it as a target as that is what is expected of a modern games console in 2015.

  2. Like starman said, it was meant as a tongue in cheek reference to oblivion.

    Cd project red are definitely one of the good developers out there and considering how it looks I’ll accept minor frame rate issues. Does no one remember the frame rate drops in the ps1 and ps2 era? That used to be how I knew an enemy was being “released” into the game.

    If people want the ultimate way of playing games they need to buy a fancy pc in my opinion. Yes I agree broken games like unity are not acceptabl, but witcher 3 is not even in the same league as that.

    How many other developers include a map, companion booklet and soundtrack with their games? Most are lucky to have a full blurb on the back of the box.

    Sorry for the rant, but I really feel if more developers were like cd project red, it’d be a much nicer gaming experience.

  3. Apparently the patch will have around 600 changes/improvements and is already sent for certification so it should be available in roughly a week.

  4. Hopefully it fixes the save corruption some people are suffering. I don’t want to play such a long game until I can trust my savefile to stay safe.

    • Oh crap, thanks for the heads up…I’ll make a duplicate to be safe.

  5. Surprise, surprise, another game release that’s not adequately tested.

    • There comes a point where the size and scale of a game increases over time. The options are to spend more money on bigger teams and/or spend longer time testing.
      That will mean waiting much longer for a release and/or the game not being made as it’s unlikely to break even for the developer.

      If you’re willing to wait then you can play the game after millions of people have tested it in a short space of time at release then pay less when the price drops.

      You have the choice and it saves waiting crazy time for the release to be tested in house by a small team.

  6. From what I have experienced, the framrate issue is very minor. The biggest gripe I have with the game is the damn UI. I can barely see any descriptions on anything, the text is so tiny and thats with hud on large. You need to have your TV strapped to your face to make out any text!

  7. I’m having nothing but problems with this game.

    First I was playing the game and thought about saving because I was about to do a Witcher contract and wasn’t sure how tough it was going to be. So I got to the save option and it says, “you can’t save right now” or some bullshit along those lines. I’m like, alright wtf because I wasn’t even doing any type of quest or doing anything important…I was just standing around. So after that, I’m like fuck it and go to do the Witcher quest. Well, long story short I died. After that, I tried to load my most recent save…and guess what happened? It just kept loading and loading. Literally nothing was happening… So I’m like, maybe it’s just a glitch…so I quit the game and restarted it back up. After getting back to the main menu, it got stuck again and all it was saying was “please wait…”. So basically, I was unable to play the game AT ALL.

    In order to fix it I had to delete all save data from my Xbox One

    Next up I needed to make a potion, so went to my alchemy menu to make it and now I’m unable to exit the inventory, seriously I can’t do anything, again in order to fix it I had to delete all save data from my Xbox One.

    I have also been having trouble with the saving issue that other people have had

    This game is clearly broken and I’m sadly shelving the game until a permanent fix is in place.

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