A Possible New LEGO Game May Be Looking To Rival Minecraft

There may be yet another LEGO game in the works over at TT Games and, if the promotional material which has surfaced is anything to go, it’s looking likely they are wanting to take a piece of the world building action.



The above flyer was apparently shipped inside a new LEGO toy set and, if genuine, confirms that this will be the first LEGO game to take a new direction. Given that children and adults alike have been using LEGO for decades to create their own worlds, it’s logical that they would be the ones to challenge Mojang for their crown.

No official announcement has been made by Warner regarding LEGO Worlds or the consoles it would appear on, so this may all turn out to be an elaborate hoax. Visiting the URL on the top corner of the flyer just throws up a “Page not found” message which doesn’t instil much confidence in its existence.

If this did turn out to be the real deal, do you think LEGO have a good chance of succeeding? Or have Mojang pulled out enough of a lead in the genre that they won’t need to worry?

Source: Nintendo Life



  1. I would like to see LEGO try something new like this, as I think the current formula is getting a bit boring…(restricted first playthrough of levels, then to have to replay them to access everything). I appreciate it adds some longevity but it needs a good shake-up in my opinion. For this reason I cancelled my LEGO Jurassic World preorder and swapped it for Until Dawn instead.

    I’m also reluctant to buy LEGO Dimensions as it’s starts at £99.99!

    • I agree that the formula has become stagnant. I became bored with Marvel Super Heroes and haven’t been tempted back by a LEGO game since.

      • Yeah, LEGO Marvel had a lot of side-missions too so it was easy to become bored (over 150 I think)!! I think the games look great and on the whole are well produced, and can appeal to all ages – I enjoy playing LEGO Marvel with my eldest son – but they need something new and also they are still rather glitchie (considering they don’t appear too complex). I’ve often had things not spawn or got stuck, so have needed to restart levels or from checkpoints.

  2. They really should do a minecraft style thing, but this looks off, the top line font suck, the image is weak and I can’t believe logo or tt would release a dead url :(

  3. It seems a obvious direction for the Lego games to go. If it’s a hoax then they just gave them a great idea for free.

  4. Lego Creator 2? Awesome!

    But yeah, this is probably fakery.

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