DriveClub Servers Being Updated Today, PS Plus Edition May Be On The Way

In what feels like a very long running saga, it appears that Evolution Studios may finally be getting ready to launch the much delayed PlayStation Plus version of the racer. According to their Facebook page, there will be a significant upgrade to the servers and a new update at 10am this morning (1st June).

“The servers that provide Challenges in DriveClub are being replaced and upgraded.” explain Evolution. “This will bring bigger, better challenges and improve server performance across the game as we continue to work to make the PlayStation Plus Edition of DriveClub possible.”


Here is the full list of patch notes for Update 1.16:

  • Challenges will be expanded to support an unlimited number of participants.
  • Challenge notifications will be integrated into the Social Hub activity feed for easy access.
  • The Challenge Menu will have a new interface to make it easier to join Challenges.
  • Evolution Studios Challenges will be added to the Challenge Menu for direct and easy access.
  • Invitation options will be optimised to focus on active players and reduce challenge notification spam.
  • More of our favourite ‪#‎PS4share‬ pictures created by the community will be added to the Menus.
  • Significant technical improvements will be made to enhance server connectivity and prepare for the PlayStation Plus Edition.

Source: Facebook



  1. Our forefathers told us this day would come, that a fabled PS+ edition of Driveclub might arrive.

    • This truly is some bad news, as the release of Driveclub PS+ editon also means that Armageddon is upon us!

  2. not sure anyone cares at this point. the reason i wanted this so much was because there wasn’t much to play on PS4 but now i have plenty to play. also kind of cheeky after all this waiting they just give us the demo version. at this point they should just give the full game as they have been taking the mick.

    • Not that I don’t agree with you for the most part (as we technically should have had this long ago really), but considering we are talking about a game that they were/are giving away for free, I don’t really think it is taking the mick too much.

      If they had utterly failed in delivering a product that people had laid cold hard cash down for, then that would indeed be taking the mick, but it’s more of a disappointment to see the game have as many issues as it has & the PS plus edition still be nowhere to be seen this far down the line.

      Still that said, I think that they were absolutely right to concentrate on fixing the game for paying customers first. What would be the point on them concentrating on getting the PS plus edition out & it & the main release still being in a broken state? That would surely be worse, no?

      • no they have been taking the mick. it doesn’t take 9 months to fix servers. at the very least they could have let everyone download it while fixing their servers but this was planned all along. they advertise it as a free game but then pull out last min because they realised a few mugs would pay for the full game. that is deceptive. you say they are still delivering their promise but whats the point now ? 9 months wait for a demo is basically spitting in our face. at this point they should have just cancelled it. its like you asking a friend for a fiver and keep begging but he says “later” then 1 year later he gives you the fiver and expects you to be grateful.

      • also its not free. we are paying a subscription to get these games. you need to be a PS Plub sub to even get this demo. as far as i’m concerned its not free.

      • It’s not a plus game though, never was – It was supposed to be an add on to the IGC (or whatever it’s called these days) when the game released, so that instead of what was on offer that month, you got those titles plus the DC PS Plus edition too, but that obviously never worked out as intended.

        Again, not saying you don’t have a point as it has taken a hell of a long time for them to even fix the game, let alone talk about getting a PS plus edition out there, but fact is that you (or anyone) have not actually lost out on anything by not having it.

  3. Is there any point in a a PS+ edition now when the full game is only around a tenner 2nd hand?

  4. It’s great for some people but now that I have Project CARS (although they’re different) I doubt I’d play a PS+ version much until I’ve finish Project CARS, and could probably pick up the full version of Drive Club for less than £20 which seems a very reasonable price given how well people regard the game.

    • It does seem an odd decision not to give away the full version and make money from the DLC instead at this point.

      The only way I can see the PS+ version works if is they reduce the price of the full-version upgrade to be about the same as the disc based version can be bought for now, otherwise people with any sense will just buy the discounted new or second hand disc rather than pay £30+ from the store, unless they have no other choice.

      It is a great game though, I didn’t think twice about picking up the season pass. However the season pass only covers all content released up to next month so it’ll be interesting to see whether there is a second season pass or slightly cheaper individual DLC packs going forward.

      • Yeah, I think it does seem like a slightly odd choice to give us the PS+ version rather than the full game – only due to the game’s age and current price elsewhere. That’s not to say it’s not welcomed though – although I now have Project CARS for my racing fix, it makes sense to make use of the PS+ version of DriveClub before buying the full version. The most sensible thing for them to do would be to make the upgrade cost from PS+ version>Full version very attractive as you say.

        That’s a great point about the Season Pass DLC. If they now get a load of new owners via PS+, it would be a good stage to start create some new DLC. It could also be welcomed by the earliest adopters – to still be issuing new content way after it’s initial release. It could be a win, win situation.

  5. And to think it was supposed to be ready November 2013. Makes you wonder what state the game was in when it was postponed.

    • Reports from E3 and Gamescom 2013 said it looked rough and basic.

      I saw some direct capture gameplay and it seemingly had no antialiasing, framerate hovered 35-45 (back when they hadn’t decided to lock at 30).

  6. Previous posts from the DC team have said they’ve upgraded things for the PS+ edition so I don’t see this post as anything different.

    My favourite game of this generation so far, love it. I’m guessing that when it finally comes subscribers will get the full game instead of the paired down game. It’s brill and people will still cry.

  7. “continue to work to make the PlayStation Plus Edition of DriveClub possible.”
    They word it like it’s actually something difficult, when it shouldn’t be. How long have we had multilayer gaming for? And this is a first party studio struggling!

    • Probably didn’t get through QA to be released on the store! :D

      • Could be, speaking of QA where’s my Counterstrike GO??

  8. My E3 prediction; you know how’s they always have a game that becomes available during the press conference. I bet drive club will get the “available now” treatment.

  9. +1 for the “I’ve got Project Cars and no longer care about Driveclub” group =)

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