LEGO Worlds Is Real, Available On Steam Early Access Now

There was speculation on Friday that a new LEGO game was in the works after someone kindly posted a flyer teasing a Minecraft style game. Well, just 3 days later and developer TT Games has surprised LEGO fans by releasing the game on Steam Early Access, priced £11.99.


“Lego Worlds will be a fully open-world, creativity-driven game so we want to ensure that we provide it with the utmost care and attention as we expand on our ideas,” the game’s Steam page explains. “So much of this game will be about building and sharing and by sharing our plans with the community, we hope to incorporate their feedback and build an experience together that fans of LEGO and this genre of video games can enjoy.”

The game is currently only a single-player experience but that will change as development on the game continues, online multiplayer will be added in the coming months along with other features such as “procedurally generated underground cave networks”, AI creatures, biomes and underwater gameplay. So far, so Minecraft. However, there will be other elements included from the main LEGO games including customisable characters and Red Brick cheats.

Features in the game right now include procedurally-generated worlds, “discoveries and unlocks”, day/night cycle and ridable creatures and vehicles.

“The current plan for LEGO Worlds is to be in Early Access through 2015 at which point we hope to have our full list of features in place. We’ll evaluate a release candidate in early 2016, but we won’t consider the game complete and ready for release until we believe our community feels we have delivered a great game.”

“We’ll be actively monitoring the Community Hub here on Steam and look forward to feedback and suggestions for the game,” Lego’s statement concluded. “We’ll also be offering people a chance to experience the development of a Lego title for the first time, and several members of the team will be providing some interesting dev diaries over the coming months.”

Source: Steam via Eurogamer



  1. Between this, Xcom 2, and Dirt Rally, there seems to be lots to go for on PC (not to mention early access). I may well give this a go.

  2. well, colour me surprised, i had that promo flyer pegged as fake.

    i might have to give this one a go.

    only trouble is, i can see me getting a teensy bit obsessed. ^_^

    • Me too, it looked highly suspect. I don’t do PC games as they are for work, so no lego worlds for me…. YET!!!

  3. Just watched someone playing it for a bit on Twitch. Surprising amount of stuff there. He road around on a bear for a bit chasing a caveman, then flew off in a little Lego ‘plane and rode around on a camel. Even the moon is made of Lego.

    But there’s something wrong about a big company like Warner Bros using “early access” for a game with a massive brand like Lego behind it. Get people to pay for a beta version?

    It looks fun though. Now we just need Sony to pay lots of money to get it as a PS4 exclusive. If MS can pay stupid amounts for Minecraft (which surely everyone who was ever going to buy it has it by now?), Sony can go and pay (probably a lot less) for Lego NotMinecraft.

    • I thought the same, regarding a Sony exclusive. Particularly if LEGO has exclusive licences for Back to The Future, Lord of The Rings, Marvel, Star Wars etc, knows what DLC we could see.

    • Sony could actually use Littlebigplanet

  4. I’m glad I was wrong about it being a fake.

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