Starbreeze Steps Into The Virtual Reality Domain With StarVR

Virtual reality is the next predicted step in gaming’s evolution, and quite a few companies are hard at work on their own visions of that future. Starbreeze Studios can now be counted among that group as it has announced StarVR, the company’s own virtual reality headset made possible by acquiring the French company InfinitEye. According the announcement this headset will offer a 210 degree field of vision, larger than what other companies are working.

StarVR also “offers panoramic definition of 5120×1440 pixels with dual 5.5″ Quad HD panels”, and those attending E3 will be able to demo the equipment. These attendees won’t experience just any old demo but in fact get the first look at Overkill’s The Walking Dead game. There isn’t much information outside of this announcement, like release date, but this The Walking Dead title is expected to ship sometime next year. If that game is supporting StarVR then we could expect the headset also to release in 2016.

Source: Youtube via IGN


  1. Well..that came out of nowhere! Interesting.

  2. The one thing that worries me about VR is the shear number of different headsets! There isn’t a standard “VR” format like blu ray or TV signal so surely we can’t be expected to buy multiple headsets just to play/watch certain productions ?

    • Most, if not all, the companies making VR headsets have signed up to Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) ecosystem.

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