Valve Overhaul Dota 2 With “Reborn” Update

With the biggest week in gaming news officially under way, Valve has come forth with a huge announcement for Dota 2. In an extensive blog post, the Steam creator unveiled its “Reborn” update for the popular MOBA which is set to include major changes to the game’s interface and engine.

The overriding theme of the update is making Dota 2 easier to access. Existing players can expect a raft of new features such as tweaks to the party and lobby systems while also having a more intuitive way to see their heroes as well as friends’ in-game stats. For newcomers, there are more tutorials on hand, helping to ease less experienced players into the rhythm of actual online matches.


Other changes include an improved party chat system with DotaTV also going under the knife. Overall, it gives the UI a lighter, more presentable appearance.

Valve will be showing more of Reborn next week, including custom games as well as the much-anticipated engine update.

Source: Official Dota 2 Website



  1. Custom games are going to be so much fun, I’m really excited for this!

  2. Awesome. Looking forward to this.

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