Trailers For Hush, Bedlam, Superhot, Warhammer: End Times And Phantasmal

Time for a quick round up of trailers that have slipped through the net during the past twenty four hours, starting with “Eccentric first person shooter” Bedlam for PS4.

“Bedlam is first-person love letter to the games industry and those who survived online gaming in the ’80s and ’90s,” explains Steve from RedBedlam. “It takes a look back upon an iconic time in gaming history and serves up tons of authentic gaming nostalgia with up-to-date visuals and features.”

Hush is a cartoon horror game coming to Xbox One in which you play as Ashlyn, a brave little girl who has ended up locked inside an abandoned orphanage.”By effectively putting you in Ashlyn’s shoes you’ll be exploring, fighting and overcoming fears on your way to freedom,” say developers GS78.

Also coming to Xbox One is Phantasmal: City of Darkness, another horror game but this time it is procedurally generated.

A very short trailer for Superhot, once again for Xbox One. The game is described as a “mesmerising FPS where time moves only when you move.”

And finally, a trailer for Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, one of the many Warhammer games that are in production.

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  1. the Warhammer game looks interesting.
    love me some gory combat.

    and after watching the Bedlam trailer, i think i’d quite like to play that.
    kind of like a shooter version of Evoland where you go through all the different evolutions of the genre, and a few other genres by the look of it.
    but really, it was the voice work that sold me on it.

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