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The Evil Within Update Brings Full Screen Scares

Many of you hated the letterbox screen of The Evil Within, the action being obscured by two thick black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. The idea was to give the game a more cinematic feel but it did annoy quite a few people.

Good news everyone! The game has been patched and you can now remove the pesky black oblongs. The update also tweaks the casual difficulty level, with increased ammo amounts and adjustments to the game’s health bar.

The update is available now for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

Nice to see a publisher listening to fan feedback, isn’t it?

Source: Bethblog


  1. That is wonderful news, this was my only criticism of the game when I played it at a mates’ house. I really need to make a start on this soon!!

  2. Whaaaat? I actually liked the feel when you got into it, felt mor creepy somehow.. And the increased ammo amount is just lame – had plenty ammo, and I’m a bad shot..

    • You can leave the bars on, I believe. It’s an option.

  3. Two thick black bars at the top of the screen? Not the more traditional 1 black bar? With another at the bottom?

    Or is the power of new consoles so great that they can render twice as much black?

    • No one likes a smart arse. Tsk :)

      • You leave my arse out of this!

        I like the italics though. Well played.

  4. Sweet, I’m glad they patched this. I didn’t like the black bars.

  5. I never understood the reasoning behind having two black bars on this game. It kinda makes sense on games like Beyonce two souls and The order but Evil within wasnt cinematic in the least. It didn’t bother me whilst playing but did feel kinda pointless.

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