News Snatch: HoloLens, Dying Light, Beyond Good & Evil 2 And Rampage

Well hello there, welcome to the calm waters of the post E3 Snatch. PR teams across the world are nursing week long hangovers so we’re a bit light on trailers this week, but plenty to talk about starting with HoloLens.

Guess what? Those videos showing an entire room full of AR gubbins and tables full of Minecraft? Bit of a con. The field of view for the device is much smaller than expected.


“Although the footage is compelling,” report Digital Spy, “It doesn’t play in the whole visor, but on a small screen within it, like one of those TVs in mirrors you get in some techy hotels. This means that your field of view is fairly small, often cutting off the edges of the scene as if peering through a letterbox.”

“Worse still, if you look around and turn your head diagonally, the edges of this screen within a screen are clearly visible, breaking the immersion.”

Polygon report that the field of view is something akin to this…


Of course the tech is still in development, so what do Microsoft have to say about it?

“The hardware isn’t final so none of the things are completely done,” Microsoft executive Kudo Tsunoda told Giant Bomb. “I think you’re never going to get to full peripheral field of view, but certainly the hardware we have the field of view isn’t exactly final. But I wouldn’t say it’s going to be hugely noticeably different either.”

If you had thoughts of walking in to your living room and seeing the whole place littered with Minecraft cubes then you’re going to be disappointed.

The UK is official partner country for Gamescom 2015. Huzzah!

Check out Bastion, one of the characters from Overwatch.

Fat fingered typists rejoice, the updated PlayStation App can now scan in codes using your smartphone’s camera so you dont have to type then in.

A comparison video between the original Ratchet & Clank on PS2 and spanky new PS4 remake.

Our more elderly (or “classic”, as I prefer to call them) readers may remember the arcade game Rampage in which a giant gorilla, that certainly was not King Kong, and a giant lizard, which certainly wasn’t Godzilla, teamed up with a giant Wolf to smash buildings. If you are of a younger generation imagine the Wreck It Ralph game seen in the movie of the same name, it’s the same thing.

News reaches us that they are making a movie of the game and The Rock will star. Production begins next summer with Dwayne teaming up with some of the producers of his recent hit, San Andreas.

If you are wondering where the Wii U version of Lego Jurassic World has gone, it’s been delayed until 3rd July.

The funky intro cinematic from Persona 4: Dancing All Night, featuring a load of character shaking the groove thang.

Call of Duty Remasters: “It’s something we talk about and think about a lot,” say Activision

Tale of Tales, developers of the critically acclaimed Sunset have had to close after selling just 4,000 copies, despite spending a fortune on PR and adverts.

We spent a lot of money on a PR company who got us plenty of press, took some work and worries off our shoulders, and found us other marketing opportunities. But it didn’t help sales one bit.

We even took out an advertisement on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, where we figured the people most interested in Sunset would be gathered. They must all use AdBlock because that had no effect whatsoever.

We worked hard on presenting a gentler Tale of Tales to the public. Which basically meant that Michaël was forbidden to talk in public and Auriea often just smiled at the camera, parroting words whispered in her ears by communication coaches. Didn’t make a difference.

So now we are free. We don’t have to take advice from anybody anymore. We were wrong. Everybody whom we consulted with on Sunset was wrong.

Is Michel Ancel working on Beyond Good & Evil 2? Well Tony Key, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Ubisoft, told IGN “He’s a busy guy right now. But no…. He’s got things going on and I can’t really comment on his bandwidth. I know he’s very busy. We still work with him on things.”

Ubisoft then sent of a team of magical PR squirrels who countered the statement by saying “What was reported by IGN is untrue. Michel is still leading creative development of several exciting projects being developed by Ubisoft Montpellier.”

Are they going to tell us if Beyond Good & Evil 2 is one of the “several projects”? Of course not. Well done magical PR squirrels.

Kingdom Hearts III will have a free running system so you can scamper up walls and perform back flips. The game will also feature “mostly new worlds” based on Disney IP’s which could include Star Wars and Marvel.

Good news for Team Xbox on Japan as the Xbox One console doubled it sales compared to last week! It sold 200 consoles, compared to 100 the week before. Woo!

Sarcasm aside the Xbox One has been a disaster in Japan, even the PS Vita TV is outselling it.

Criterion almost made an F-Zero game. They also almost made quite a few other games.

And Finally, those cheeky chaps from Dying Light have taken a swipe at Destiny’s Red Bull promotion.



  1. I was aware of the reported fov issue with Hololens so i was surprised when it wasn’t apparent in their E3 Minecraft demo. I did wonder whether they had managed to resolve that issue or whether there was some fudging going on with the on-stage camera. Unfortunately it seems to be the latter.

  2. Looks like I’m a Classic Reader. Used to love playing Rampage on the Speccy with a couple of mates.
    I think one of us had the privilege of using a joystick & the other 2 had half a keyboard each to control their character.

  3. TBH I really didn’t expect anything more from HoloLens. Still have it pre-ordered and will of course buy it day one because it is new tech and well – it is new tech. First models are always going to lack performance vs potential but I have faith the tech will get better with new releases as most things do….except you Vita – you should have just stayed vanilla.

    Love the stab at Destiny. Haven’t had a Red Bull in ages and if I had one now I think I would actually dislike it quite a bit. 3Litres of water and a bucket of coffee per day is the way forwards.

    Xbox sales in Japan are no surprise. Obviously it is all going mobile over there but those still wanting a console are favouring their homebrew naturally. When the rest of the world acknowledges how good the PS4 is then Japan can seem a little stubborn, though Apple devices are selling well there so it isn’t a grudge thing with the US. I’d pull the plug on Xbox there.

  4. That Persona 4 Dancing All Night trailer is wonderfully colourful, just like the main game. But there lays the problem, it’s another spin-off in stead of a true sequel.

    Persona 5 is an all new game, and I’m super hyped for it, but I want a Persona 4 II as well. Final Fantasy style, only good.

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