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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus Could Be Heading To Vita

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is one of my favourite games from the last generation. In fact it was popular enough that 2K released the strategy game on iOS and Android too to get it into the hands of more people. However at the time a Vita release was not forthcoming, even though XCOM would have been a great fit for Sony’s handheld. That looks like it could be changing soon though as a listing on the Korean Ratings Board seems to have unearthed XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus for the Vita.


The listing appears to have been made yesterday which means 2K could be ready to announce a Vita version of Enemy Unknown sooner rather than later. The Plus may indicate that this version will include all the DLC for the Enemy Unknown. XCOM 2 was recently revealed but that is a PC exclusive for the moment.

Source: AGB


  1. The only DLC was Enemy Within, si could be that and Unknown. Then again, it could easily be a watered down edition. Hopefully it will be the full version, hard copy. I’d snap it up easily with the words ‘about time’.

  2. I love Xcom, but I’d be much more tempted if it was the updated version, Enemy Within. A great expansion which made things a lot more fun.

  3. Please be true please me true…

  4. Great news.

    Never finished it on ps3 and whilst good on my mobile, it drains battery at an alarming rate!

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