Fantasy Strategy Game Armello Launches September 1st On PS4 & PC

League Of Geeks has announced that Armello, a fantasy strategy game, will be releasing on PS4 and PC on September 1st. In the game players take control of one of four characters who are all fighting to claim the throne, and overthrown the current king, who is a lion that is terrorising subjects. Battles will be fought on boards with hex shaped tiles, and each character will have their own strengths and weaknesses dependant on time of day or terrain.

Two new characters have been revealed which includes Zosha of the Rat Clan, and Barnaby of the Rabbit Clan. Zosha isn’t a character that can take much damage, but she relies on stealth to sneak up on enemy units to cause a lot of pain. During the night phase of the game her position remains hidden. Meanwhile Barnaby can change what he has in his inventory at any time, allowing to adapt to different strategies while engaged in battles. Barnaby has a high defence and a decent attack power too.

Armello is currently available for Early Access on Steam but will be removed on July 31st until the actual release date.

Source: Press Release

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