Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC Trailer Released

Activision has released a trailer for the final DLC pack that will be released for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, with this one titled Reckoning. The pack contains four maps which are Fracture, Swarm, Overload, & Quarantine, as well as the final part of Exo Zombies. As ever the pack will release first on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with the date set as August 4th. Around a month after that PS4 and PC owners will be able to get Reckoning.


In fact this also marks the end of Call Of Duty timed exclusives for the Xbox consoles, since Sony have snagged that deal for Black Ops III. Who knows how much longer the timed exclusive maps will go on for after that, and whether Microsoft would try to get that exclusivity back in the future.

Source: Youtube